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Well the things shown in the VDO was somewhat  a eye-opener, but the second VDO from the Truthneversleeps made me laugh specially @5.04 The “serpent” part , but if you can see the Pic of columbia,  u can see an arc of light just below  representing the moon and her holding the light reflecting as a star…. Rumi said and i Quote ” Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor” but Sadly we live in a World where Everything Is Rigged BIG-TIME All the TIME… not in Humanitys Favor but in Favor of some Few psychopathic Elites.. Who Rigged not only Our  Healthcare System…but rigged The Banking System…/The Political System…/ The Food System…/The Tax System…/The News and Media System…/The Sports & Entertainment System….are all rigged to cheat you, to suppress you, to control and manipulate you, and ultimately to discard you once you are of no further value.

LET’S FIRST WAKE UP AND SMELL THE REALITY…that the deck is stacked, everything is rigged no-doubt, and that they are out to get you. So STOP MIND CONTROL & RITUAL ABUSE, By helping to stop mind control in our culture, we also help ourselves from being mind controlled.

~ Galactic human ~

stop mindcontrol ritual

Published on Dec 23, 2015

Miss ILLUMINATI Universe 2015: The Humiliation Ritual; MK-Ultra TERROR; Satanic-Witch MISS USA + The TRUMP CONNECTION

Published on Dec 21, 2015

This video exposes the MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT and see how Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Blunder was staged so people would talk about it!!! It was also a Mass Satanic Illuminati ritual to the unknowing masses watch as this video breaks it all down YOU WILL BE SHOCKED!!!

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