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shadow people

Published on Jan 11, 2016

What are Shadow People? AKA Shadow Beings.. Are they a figment of our imagination? Some kind of being from a parallel universe? Or a future technology for time travel? Maybe it isn’t always just one thing. In this interview we probe for more insights from Eric Pepin, Bestselling Author and Founder Of Higher Balance Institute. This is part 1 of 3

Part 2 will talk about sleep paralysis and other beings often confused for shadow people, with more negative intentions.

Eric reveals his theories which have never been posed before by anyone that I am aware of.

In the effort to get momentum behind his new channel, we revisted this topic, and I got a whole lot of information that he has never before shared.

Are Shadow People tied to the future? Are they some sort of interdimensional species? What if they we’re both?

Have your own spiritual adventure. Check out the collegiate program and take the free personal survey.

visit http://higherbalanceinstitute.com/


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  2. I had one in my house and I told him to leave at least 3 times, then I asked Archangel Michael to remove it from my house. I only saw it at night. During the day I would go to the spot at the end of the hall where I saw and and I told it to leave in a serious voice and that it didn’t belong in my house. The last time I saw it I told it to leave and I swear it ran right at me and through me leaving my hair standing on end.

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