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Lost Ancient High Technology  Elephantine Island  Egypt

Published on Jan 5, 2016
Elephantine is an island in the Nile River in southern Egypt.

The island may have received its name after its shape, which in aerial views is similar to that of an elephant tusk, or from the rounded rocks along the banks resembling elephants.

According to Egyptian mythology, here was the dwelling place of Khnum, the ram-headed god of the cataracts, who guarded and controlled the waters of the Nile from caves beneath the island.

On an island in the Nile of southern Egypt there is a stone box made out of solid granite. The dynastic Egyptians with their bronze tools could not have shaped it and thus it appears to be a remnant of a much older high tech culture. Join us in April 2016 and see for yourself! www,khemitology.com


Comments on: "Lost Ancient High Technology At Elephantine Island In Egypt" (2)

  1. Someone, or Some High-Tech Civilization Long,………..Long Ago Had Access To Power, As In Electric or Pneumatic ( are Powered by Compressed Air ) , or Hydraulic Tools and Drills, because what’s shown on this Video was ” NOT ” done by Hand, Nor with Chicken Bones, Knives, Nor Flint Tools. ;~o

    Open Your Minds and Think On This 1.

    We have ” Never ” been Alone.


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