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Published on Nov 1, 2015

What would happen if some of your senses overlapped? What would that experience feel like? In this special 360° episode, we show you what it’s like to have synesthesia.

Auditory Synesthesia; a neurological condition that allows one to physically “see sound”.

This was truly amazing. I never knew much about synesthesia but I find it truly fascinating. It turns music into a visual experience which I can only imagine must be out of this world. This video allows those of us without synesthesia to step into the violinists shoes and see what she sees. Truly amazing!

Please share this epic experience with everyone you know. Oh and I hope you managed to enjoy the  360° video experience!
HOW TO WATCH: In order to fully experience this video, download the DiscoveryVR app on your mobile device or simply open this video in Chrome.

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Director/Executive Producer:
Mario de la Vega

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Published on Nov 1, 2015

Synesthesia is a rare neurological condition where someone’s senses become entangled. What’s it like to see sound and taste color?

Read More:

The Synesthesia Project
“At its simplest level, synesthesia means that when a certain sense or part of a sense is activated, another unrelated sense or part of a sense is activated concurrently. For example, when someone hears a sound, he or she immediately sees a color or shape in his or her ‘mind’s eye.’”


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