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The whole Art of Ecstasy, Meditation, Samadhi, is: How to become one with the Rhythm of the Universe. When it Exhales, you Exhale. When it Inhales, you Inhale. You live in it, are not separate, are one with it.


samadhi now

“Be still and know.” This saying points towards the goal of all meditation, yoga, prayer and spiritual attainment. The name for this state of consciousness is Samadhi.

This short clip from the upcoming film “Samadhi” is a call to stillness that the world would benefit from greatly if heard. Framed around the slippery and hard to describe state of consciousness that results from spiritual experience, the information contained in this short 9 minute excerpt can aid in centering your perspective into a still space of gratitude.

Daniel Schmidt is a Canadian filmmaker, musician and meditation teacher. His last film Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds was an Internet sensation and I highly recommend watching it online if you haven’t seen it.

I can’t wait to see what’s in the full Samadhi documentary when it is released later this fall.

”Samadhi is so simple that when you are told what it is and how to realise it your mind will always miss it because the mind is what needs to stop before it is realised.”

Published on Aug 15, 2015

The film Samadhi will be released in early 2016. In the spirit of the ancient teachings “Samadhi” will be released for free for the benefit of all beings. Please subscribe to this Youtube channel, the AwakenTheWorldFilm channel to receive notification when it is released, and join our mailing list at www.innerworldsmovie.com. If you have not watched the award winning documentary series “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” it can be watched for free at the above link.

Please contact us if you can help to translate the film to another language.

The Awaken the World Initiative aims to bring the ancient teachings back to planet earth. We rely on donations to make this happen. Please support us at www.innerworldsmovie.com.


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  2. […] Source: Samadhi – Film Trailer ~ Will Awaken You From The Illusion That Is Seperateness…♥♥♥… […]


  3. Jaime Martinez said:

    When will the movie be released?


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