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Show #9: “Making This Our Last Weekend in the Global Fiat Currency Regime ~ Let’s Do This!”

During this show:

Many shifts are now afoot in the global financial world – shifts even the controlled mainstream media cannot cover up. We will discuss these important events including the continuing “soft crash” of global markets, oil’s continuing slide, China’s currency divergence with the U.S. Dollar and more.

The Global Currency Reset plan is unfolding right before our very eyes as the Fiat currency regime of enslavement is being surreptitiously dismantled step by step in our physical reality.

As the new “One-Percenters”, it is imperative to remain steadfast in holding our alignment with the vibration of wealth and maintain a focused intention on completion and holding space for those involved in the final logistical and administrative steps in the GCR process.

We are proclaiming and holding as part of this New Earth Unified Field, that , “This will be our last weekend under the Fiat Currency enslavement system”. Let’s do this!



Published on Jan 25, 2016


Show Title: Financial Wealth Brings Freedom But Not Liberation From the System Let’s Talk Sovereign Freedom!
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During this show:
First of all, we had a great callers with great questions and shares, as usual…thank you to the 600+ live participants ! We Appreciate all of our and the engagers of the replay!

Yes, things ARE moving forward and we are back in RENO engaging with the energy of creation here – creating the reality of exchanges coming online that is! So we’re still asking you to focus your energy on Reno, Reno, Reno!

Based on the callers we had during the last two shows and the kind of dialogue we had with you guys, Sean and I feel it’s a good idea to keep the show moving forward with the pace that assists YOU and all of us in further transcending this enslavement matrix and anchoring the New Earth Creation Reality.

So now that you have greater wealthy than you may have had any time in this lifetime so far … yes, you will feel freedom to do and engage in life from an abundant mindset, but most likely you’ll still be engaging in “the system” that’s not interested in you being a Free, Sovereign Being! What are you going to do and how are you going to be BE in order to transcend this and ground a new way of life for yourself and everyone else that chooses this path?

Complete transcript is available at the website.

Remember – We Are In This Together! AND The Most Important Relationship is a Loving Relationship with YourSelf!

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