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WoW…..this is seriously really brilliant and also Spot-On!! Amazing since the movie is from the 80’s and whatever being said is so very prophetic and Truly happening now as you can see it . Bingo..  Somebody who is asleep will not say no. Why do you think it is easier – and cheaper – to buy beer than milk in most poor neighborhoods?  Now the government wants you to light up a nice, fat legal Joint, so that they can make money off of keeping you in a docile state – where it is just too hard to figure out any alternatives to just putting one foot ahead of the other on your treadmill in existence. ( Yet every time I see someone walking or running on a treadmill, getting nowhere)

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Uploaded on Jan 28, 2016

A Piece taken from the film My Dinner with Andre

This is what I mean when people tell me “if I don’t like how the system works then go leave in the woods” but what they fail to realise is that… there is no where to go because everything is taken by the system.

This is your masters telling you about your slavery.  You see slavery breaks universal law, but when the human, through his own free will, chooses his enslavement and enslaves his own, then no harm no foul.  You must wake up from you hypnotic trance.  Turn off the TV. Stop reading the NEWS paper, don’t read magazines and go plant at tree!  We are the caretakers of the earth, not the consumers.

What he’s saying is absolutely true we have immersed ourselves so fully into this world of entertainment that we are being led right into our extinction! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO ENTERTAINED IN MY LIFE!! My sneakers can play Netflix nowadays! They are already making robotic artificial limbs! Artificial intelligence is also beginning! McDonald’s just bought robots to replace cashiers!! But we are ok because we are all caught up on “The walking dead!” Ironic!!

This is indeed our future spoken of ‘then’. Through the media and dumbing down of the people via fluoridation (not necessarily via tap water but through toothpaste & affiliated products, not forgetting canned products containing water!) they are turning most into ‘tow-the-NWO-party’ line zombies! WAKE UP TO THE REAL AGENDA. Check out Agenda 21 (or the now ‘improved’ updated version Agenda 2030!) and their plans to reduce the population by 90%. Yes, 90%. It’s even been carved in stone. The Georgia Stones.And they’re on their way. Check out Weather Manipulation and how the dumping of tonnes of Aluminium Oxide (and much, much more INCLUDING ARSENIC) across our planet is affecting our memory and linked to the sharp increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s. They now ‘control and own’ our weather. California is being held to ransom deliberately. Fukushima was deliberate. THIS IS THE BIGGEST RABBIT HOLE YOU’LL EVER GO DOWN and it’s happening now.

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Full Movie here: My Dinner with Andre *Full Version*


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  2. […] Source: Best 3 Minute Conversation About Reality : – My Dinner with Andre …♥♥♥… […]


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