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human control mask

WARNING: Some Low Vibration Information. Make Sure To Go Take A Walk In Nature After Viewing This Material.  Or Wonder About How Humanity Will Be Living When Critical Mass Awakens And We As Humanity Can Manifest Our True Potential.


Since the fall of man, after the great deluge, the human race has been in total disharmony, on every level that you could possibly imagine,By DESIGN!

Knowledge has been taken away from the masses and given to a very select few…….
In the 1960’s spiritual leaders, priests, and some secret society organizations, from around the world, decided in unison, to lift the veil of secrecy and to shine light back into the darkness of ignorance.
Time to give it back…Knowledge is POWER!.

Published on Jul 17, 2015


Subliminal messaging, hypnotic suggestions, sigils, archetypes, and word play.. PROGRAMS THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND WE CREATE THE REALITY THEY WANT US TO EXPERIENCE.
We also know for a fact, that archetypes and sacred geometry also occurs in nature..
It’s all illusion, all you need to understand beyond this, is that Morphic resonance or the hive mind – creates reality, as a consensus of our mutual opinions of what it is.

Published on Jul 24, 2015

The Rothschild’s secretly financed groups of people to sail around to the many islands and off load many books on voodoo teachings and to promote Satanism based on ritual sacrifice.
This was nothing more than a mind control program to promote this, which was a fabrication and corrupt form of voodoo and Satanism.

Published on Aug 24, 2015

6000 year old health secrets trailer , coming soon.
Short Analysis on present day looking at both angles..

Here lies the big question ?Will there be World war 3?
Some claim there will no world war 3 , but the very wealthy are about to be exposed for their trickery and treachery including vast amounts of wealth based on commodity and cash that has no value. This will impact the 1% with trickle down effects from their losses, but when the corporations and the associated elite lose control of the global banking syndicate, that is the loss of wealth that is being referred to and not the rest of us.
READ MORE- http://www.holographic-disclosure.com…


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  2. […] Source: The Unmasking Of The Human Control System Documentary…♥♥♥… […]


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