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There has never been as many humans on the planet as there is now. We have perhaps never been more advanced in terms of technology as we are now. And we now have access to more information that ever before in the history of mankind.

So if we are so evolved why is there so much unnecessary illness, death and destruction all around our planet? We are simply not asking the right questions . . . That is the main issue that is being addressed by Spencer Cathcart in this video. (You can read the full transcript further below at the bottom of the article)

In 100 years time when people look back at how we lived today in 2016 what things will they say?

Will they wonder why people stood by as humans with money and power bombed other poorer humans for political and financial gain? Will they wonder how could we treat animals so poorly? Will they ask how could we let ourselves be so easily brainwashed into living a life which is unhealthy. unethical and served only the interests of huge money making corporations?

I fear that all these questions will be very valid in 100 years time. So my plea to you is after watching this video to share it far and wide. Be part of the change, And when your great great Grand kids ask where you were or what you were doing when all of this was happening, you can say you were at least trying to make a difference by being informed, informing others and trying to create positive change in the world.

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Published on Feb 10, 2016

We may have many answers…but do we ask the right questions?
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My name is Spencer Cathcart and this is the first short film I have released since “The Lie We Live” in 2015. In this video I question our relationship with life on this planet.

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