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The message is brilliant and exactly what All of us need to hear, pls Share & Care

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Published on May 12, 2014

Addicted to scrolling through your facebook timeline? Tired of procrastinating and not following through with the things you say you really want to do? Kyle cease basically shares his ideas on how constantly having your world dictated to you by popular media & all that good stuff, actually stops you from being able to live in the moment & also shares his views on how you can switch it off and actually get to doing the things that matter.

When you show up and start it all comes through Kyle Cease

He’s also a great comedian, not a boring talk at all. Leave the matrix people, wake up, get active, press play.

Transformational Comedian Kyle Cease riffs on the illusions in your brain, and how to get out of them

[via Kyle Cease: YouTube]


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