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Published on Feb 20, 2016

These are truly historic times we are living in, as it seems almost daily there are new reports about something pointing to biological life within our solar system, or even entire new planets within our solar system. In many instances, the reports come from our two closest neighbors: Mars and the Moon.


There have been reports for decades going back to the Apollo missions about intelligently designed towers on the far side of the moon, some as large as a 5 miles high and 1 mile thick. Recently I published a post titled: Proof Aliens Forced Mankind Out From the Moon? (Videos), which addresses some of those issues about the moon. On the issue of new planets, it’s hard to ignore posts like, Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of Sitchin’s Planet X and Mysterious Planet X Visible Every Day of 2016 So Far Only Using Naked Eyes (Videos)

China has shocked us all by adding a huge amount of images to the public from all three of the Chang’e missions. The one we are looking at was taken from the Jade Rabbit Rover on the Chang’e 3 mission. We had thought the rover had died but it was still sending back images! Look at the beautiful color!

There are about three or four artifacts in this image that look like they have been made by some sort of intelligent civilization. Check it out and let us all know what you think! As always the link to the image is below as well as a link to Enhanced images on the WUITS website!

Image Source = https://planetary.s3.amazonaws.com/da…

with links to signup and more images: http://www.planetary.org/blogs/emily-…

Article: http://whatsupinthesky.com/index.php/…

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Published on Nov 7, 2014

Must watch: “SMOKING GUN HD Alien Moon Structures FOUND! Giant Vehicles & Bases 6/9/2015”

Alien Dome / Pipe Analysis Close Up Images in ZIP File: http://www.filedropper.com/moonanalysis
Original Full Size Moon Map From China Probe: http://messenger.jhuapl.edu/gallery/s…
Glass Dome Image: http://www.ufocasebook.com/moondomela…
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