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made in our image syntecic robots
For me this was absolute CRAP…something so Synthetic that its nearly impossible to say its not Human…Awkward Until i saw the Series HUMANS, its about Living Robotic Machines among Real Humans..OR.. don’t forget the tele series named Small Wonder from the 80’s depicting a young robotic girl named Vicki. …and Japanese -Tech Actroid-F  a robot that acts eerily like a real human woman, Created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science… Since mankind is slowly developing the desired tech for Creating Robotic Humans, just imagine The Black military Secret Projects  which must be more than a 1000 years ahead of us… its absolutely Shocking and More disgusting  when the same tech is used against US.. to “clone” or to “Plant in Person“.
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Published on Jun 5, 2015

The classic on androids is back in higher resolution! Revised and updated, Tosen explains the discovery of the android class. This material inspired the book, “American Androids.”

androids-among us

Synthetic humans, better known as androids are not a new concept or idea originating from episodes from Star Trek.  Project Camelot’s  Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy on more than one occasion have discussed the existence of synthetic humans in interviews with high level whistle blowers from top secret, black ops space programs and the fact that there is literally an army of synthetic humans in outer space being created by off world entities. The question is who and for what purpose?

At one point this film resonated so strongly with me, it caused a strong physical reaction in my gut. Which  to be honest, I can’t ever remember happening like that before – it was almost a sick feeling.  Surely some people will have a difficult time with this video, it’s easy to shrug this off as an overactive imagination or in the realm of  guys wearing tin foil hats. But, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Especially when you become aware of the level of technology some of these inter-dimensional and inter-galactic civilizations are at, they are capable of things that are way beyond our level of comprehension.

To even get a grasp of what’s happening on Earth you must open your mind to possibility’s that were once relegated to the realms of Science Fiction. Since it appears that much of what’s been going on behind the scenes has been passed on to Sci-Fi writers of Hollywood films, books and even comic book magazines.  All as part of the Psy-ops or psychological operations implemented by the CIA in the late 50’s as a way to cover-up nefarious activity’s going on behind the scenes with the military industrial complex, back engineering UFO’s and the secret space programs  involved with ET’s and in the black ops projects.

In regards to the video documentary below, when you take a look at Lieberman’s track record he certainly hasn’t worked in favor of humanity’s best interests. He’s worked both sides of the fence and at one point even came close to securing a run for the Vice Presidency, seems like after that failed he really started causing problems for the Democrats. Makes you wonder how many other android’s have successfully made it to the oval office.




Published on Apr 19, 2011

Robert Dean exposes Ufo’s, Inter-Dimensional extraterrestials and humanoid/synthetic beings in the Government.


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