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Life Is More Than What You’ve Been Told, I guess the same is from Nick Nolte in peaceful warrior movie ..by the way i really enjoyed the amazin Music… Anyway i would end saying Panache Desai Quote  “May we all recognize our own divine nature and radiate it so powerfully that others are left with no choice but to recognize theirs.” unquote

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Published on Mar 6, 2016

The media loves to tell us what to believe, what to think, what to feel and what to desire. School measures our success not by our ability to think for ourselves, innovate and bring forth new ideas, but by our ability to memorize and regurgitate the same old information on paper.

We are trained not to have independently thinking minds and feeling hearts, because we are easier to manage that way. But is it really our purpose to be managed by the upper echelons of a hierarchy that is feeding on inequality and the destruction of our home planet?

We are so much more than that.

Think For Yourself is a movement dedicated to restore humanity’s faith in its own potential, intelligence, heart and capacity to be sovereign.

When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons.” ― Anaïs Nin

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Footage: ‘Contact’ (1997) Movie
Music: Candles – Jon Hopkins
Voice: ‘Peaceful Warrior’ Movie

Think For Yourself


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