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alan watts and jevovah

Published on Aug 10, 2015

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Religion is passed down through culture and upbringing. The majority of religions claim to be THE religion with THE one and only god and all others are false. Religion is personal opinion that does not respect the personal opinion of others.

Religion is Personal Opinion – Alan Watts Conversation With  Jehovah’s Witness

About other people’s religions we knew already that we have the true one. I had an amusing discussion with a Jehovah’s witness who was a radio announcer in Canada.

He said, “Don’t you think if there were a God and he really loved and was concerned for the human race that he would provide us an infallible text book? In which we would be able to find out the truth and what was right and wrong.” Implying of course that the Bible was this book.

I said, “Oh dear me no. A God that loves the human race would not ruin their minds with any such document. Because, after all, if you have a document that tells you what to do you don’t have to use your intelligence.”

So, then…But he said, “You know but it’s the Bible and the Bible is true.”

I said, “That’s your opinion.”

[he] said, “My opinion!”

(Alan Watts Laughs)


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