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Daniel Dingle Water Car


This takes us back a few years and for some reason it feels like this thing never existed before. The technology is still pretty impressive, cars that run on water. The inventor Daniel Dingle (sounds like an inventor name) claims that he made this back in 1969. Hoax or not? You be judge!

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water powered car

Published on Jan 1, 2014

All plans designs and parts


Daniel Dingel was a brilliant man and his inventions were light years ahead of his time. He passed away on October 18th 2010 in Las Pinas City, Metro Manila in the Philippines, aged 84. – R.I.P. Follow our latest open source projects continuing his work on ‘Universal Energies’ here: YouTube and rwgresearch.com.

Uploaded on Jul 15, 2008

In this extended clip you can hear all about Daniel Dingle’s water powered car. You can also hear what Daniel Dingle intends to do with his invention and about his dreams for finding enough investors and starting a foundation.

The Daniel Dingle foundation was originally set up as a strategic alliance partnership between Ethos World GmbH Schweiz and Daniel Dingle, the Filipino Inventor, to help him to commercially develop his inventions and to promote their benefits so that everyone in the world can gain from their unique properties.

The Dingle Foundation’s mission is to raise money through the sale of Daniel’s products so that he can use the funds to help improve the lives of his fellow Filipino people.

The philanthropic alliance is a ‘for profit’ organisation but all of the profits will be used by Daniel to help the people in the Philippines.

Ethos specialise in unique and innovative products that few people even know exist. They have already helped tens of thousands of people, all around the world, to enjoy a far better quality of life, through improved vision, by using their Bright Eyes Drops that dissolve cataracts naturally: www.ethos.ag


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