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tribe men meet white man

Jean-Pierre Dutilleux Stated; “If the Toulambis are actors, we should give them a César Award.”

The Toulambi
In the XXI century the team of Jean-Pierre Dutilleaux explorer and ethnographer had the privilege to contact in 1998, after many obstacles, with Los Toulambis a tribe that had never seen a white man, or had been involved with the outside world.

Toulambi 1976 contact: fact or fable – BY PETER KRANZ

EXTRACTS FROM BELGIAN filmmaker Jean Pierre Dutilleux’s first contact with a tribal people known as the Toulamis have recently been posted on Youtube.

This claimed first contact was said to have been as recently as 1976 and the extracts can be seen here and here.

The footage is moving and poetic and appears to be authentic. More information about Dutilleux’s films can be found on his website here.

His film was first aired on French TV in the mid1990’s. Perhaps because it has not been widely shown to English-speaking audiences, it has aroused keen interest and many favourable comments since its recent Youtube posting.

Uploaded on Jun 23, 2015

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Tribe on Papua New Guinea meets white man for the first time. Filmed in 1976.

One segment of a longer film:


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  1. Amazing ! I got goosebumps


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