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jeremy debts

Debt slavery of the Central Bankers. First They loan you their own Fake Fiat Toilet-Paper “money” that they create out of thin air every other time while creating “New-Money”, then they want you to pay them back with interest. WoW.. But the fact-is that interest money is never-ever  “created” and  put into the money supply, Why? Well  It doesn’t exists, thats why!! ZERO… When you can’t pay them back, they take your real hard earned assets. This is the Biggest Ponzi scheme in history… And its coming to an end finally soon Very soon… Banking Fuckers…. Let’s Boot them to HELL…What say u??

Pls Check the second Vdo by Jeremy Irons on Smoking .. SPOT ON…

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jeremy irons

Jeremy Irons just won me over. Firstly he looks a lot like Alan Watts , but the main reason is because he seems to get that the whole world is brainwashed and isn’t afraid to voice his opinions.

He raises two very valid points in this short interview, one of them is the question of if the whole world is in debt, who exactly are we in debt to? And the second point is the one where he notices that everyone has been brainwashed into thinking we are here to work, pay bills and then die which clearly we are not.

Check out the interview below:

Published on Apr 24, 2013

Smoking indoors around people without their consent is improper, but smoking outside isn’t really harming anyone.

Journalist Stephen Sackur does make stupid remarks sometimes, but Jeremy Irons response was first-rate.


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