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Just because the Orlando mass shooting of fifty homosexuals was a false flag doesn’t mean it didn’t happen – it doesn’t mean gays didn’t die – it just means the “official” story of the Zionist owned media monopolies is false.

Streamed live on Jun 12, 2016

LIVE Orlando False Flag Coverage W/ Guest Kurt Haskell

Anthony Antonello

false flag all the time

No one died in the staged Sandy Hook false flag operation. It was a drill that was passed off as a real shooting. On the other hand 9/11 and The Boston Marathon bombing were false flags that were real attacks orchestrated, organized, and financed by the ruling Zionist mobsters. The 9/11 hijackers were Mossad patsies.

Orlando’s Omar Mateen and the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston were also patsies recruited by Mossad/CIA operatives, radicalized by them, and instructed to do what they did.

Watch this crisis actor read her script. Her sunglasses don’t hide her eyes and she sheds no real tears. Watch closely as she pauses between sentences to look down at her script. And to finish off, she includes the Obama and Hillary script on gun control.

Even as zombified as people are now, a mother would be in shock. She wouldn’t be speaking to anyone. These are cartoon stories by cartoon people.


9/11 was a false flag “inside job” operation designed to win tax payer support for the war on terrorizing the Islamic middle east. 9/11 was about justifying the massive looting, occupying, bombing, killing, starving and the rendering of millions of Muslims either dead, crippled or homeless.

The Boston Marathon bombing was a dry run for martial law. Notice how willing people are to give up their rights in the name of “security”. Their learned mantra is “We must give up our freedom to protect our freedom”.

The Orlando mass shooting is about winning public support for (DNC) Obama-Clinton gun control policies and winning support for (RNC) Trump’s ban-Muslims and Islamophobic-racist policies. Trump and the Republican party are anti-gay. They pretend to mourn the loss of 50 gay men but they secretly celebrate the demise of 50 C-suckers.

All of these false flag operations are utilized by zionist global elites to further advance their behind-the-scenes global control agenda.


ISIS is one giant false flag boogey-man entity. It’s a joint Mossad-CIA operation. It’s not real. It’s a boogeyman to drum up support for the never ending war on the middle east. Think about it. ISIS claims to be radical Muslims that hate Jews. How many Jews have they actually killed? ZERO! They only kill Muslims and Christians. Hmmm. Sounds like a Mossad op.

The Bilderberg group started to convene on June 9-12. Their agenda? To further brainwash the public using their predictable emotional reactions to staged false flag events. They want everyone to consciously or subconsciously recite the insane mantras, “We must give up our freedom to protect our freedom” and “We must make war to make peace.”

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  3. ….Problem with world is not the people blamed by paid agent shills on net. Its not, the People they blame. Its not the blacks, the Iranians, the Latinos, the Hispanics, the RUSSIANS, the Muslims….its the guys that hide…the cowardly Yank nazi wanna be.

    UNION, COUNTY POLICE appear to be gangstalking innocent civilians based on POLITICAL VIEWS. It appears that police, firemen, and common rabble, are stalking people, to intimidate.

    On Chestnut Street, in Union N.J., across (and around) 381 Chestnut St . , there is an apt. building wherein at least one or two suspected GANGSTALKER operatives dwell..there are many. This one suspect, is a Zimmerman type lowlife. Wears a pony tail..drives a Green Truck Explorer…beware!

    They are in local YMCA, HOSPITAL, etc. They watch from burger joint in center of town. Be aware..police are satanic fraternal order. They meet at lodges, like Elks, Rotary, Knights.etc., usually under cover of picnics..to plan their crimes. They even break into homes ( See SNEAK AND PEEK ) and plant tracking devices on cars, in order to stalk/ intimidate..its the good ol neighborhood Klan style snitch club. They also appear to be indirectly, assisting drug dealers. HEADS UP.

    PATRIOT OUT. Please pass along as Im censored.

    P.S. The reason they force logging in with Disqus, FB, Gmail, etc…is to block whistleblowers and their targeted victims, so they may continue staging terror.

    I am glad little by little this type of government corruption is being exposed to the public. Here’s why, fusion centers nationwide flash-mob stalking citizens, gas-lighting, illegal invasion of privacy and property, willfully exposing citizens to EMF radiation using portable high tech military electronics, illegal drone and satellite surveillance of the public or individuals, weaponized military vehicles disguised as ordinary cars, trucks, semi, and 18 wheelers assaulting people with cancer causing Directed Energy Frequencies or spraying chemtrail-like substance from the ground level, either in some kind of ‘vigilante’ revenge against the public or some kind of depopulation program. Government using criminal elements of society to touture and harass law abiding citizens, as a form of neural monitoring mind control or as some form of intimidation tactic. Things are really wrong and satanically wicked over here in the United States….land of cowards with low IQ.

    lts the Blacks, the Iranians, no its the Russians, the Latinos, the Hispanics ..El Chapo…ANYONE BUT THE BOYS AT NSA, CIA, FBI, etc…effeminate, with a blonde pony tail. They never du nuffin. Meanwhile all evil is staged and funded.


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