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orlando shooting exposed

WoW.. This guy has some Balls , he is SPOT-on saying it on-live-tv that all the shootings Carried-out are False Flag by the Government, Imagine the reaction of the TV Reporter 🙂 Excellent! Finally someone who says it like it really is, this should inspire all to speak the TRUTH no matter what… Also Check link given below on why this Orlando story was published six hours before it happened. Hey guys! Make this viral, huh? Post it everywhere you can.  Its a TRUTH BOMB THAT SHIT 🙌  BIG-HIT


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govt staged false flag

Published on Jun 14, 2016

Never in all my years of researching, studying & making & uploading Youtube videos about these shooting hoaxes & fake terrorist attacks that are being STAGED by the media & government have I come across a video where a guy has spoken THE TRUTH so much

This guy drops the bomb on them all Charlie Hebdo, Sandy Hook, Boston, Bataclan, Orlando pulse, you name it, he truth bombs them all LIVE on Press TV

Full credit to https://www.youtube.com/user/rva4peace Richmond Peace for the original upload, and subscribe to his channel guys & gals if you like his work

Published on Jun 12, 2016

The staged false flag Orlando shooting allegedly carried out by Security Guard Omar Mateen of G4S, a UK based contractor for the U.S. Government is exposed as a staged drill by chris dorsey on Al Alam News.

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  1. […] Source: Chris Dorsey Exposes Staged Shootings Orlando Shooting Hoax And Flase Flag Truth Bomb LIVE on TV!!! […]


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