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clinton cash

Well the Documentary was shocking and am amazed the Author is still alive, since all are aware off what happens when u try to mess with the C’s  & the second video is from Donald Trump well This is his best speech ever! He’s really nailing Hillary’s coffin. Like he says in the Vdo speech further Quote ” “She needs to go to prison to pay for the crimes that she’s already committed against our country.” & ” Hillary , corrupt liar and thief in bed with special interests and rigged elections” he  nailed every corruption from Nafta to benghazi to ISIS and Obamacare you name it Or @8:10 in the vdo  Trump at his best said ” Hillary Campaign Slogan is ‘I-am-with-Her’ you know what my response to that is ‘I-am-with-you-the-American-People’ got him the standing ovation..Every American must watch the Trump Vdo Quiet-educational .. Amazing

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donald trump on hillary

Published on Jun 12, 2016

Writer of “Clinton Cash” Peter Schweizer on concerns of potential corruption by the Clintons tells how he wrote the book on Hillary and Bill. Great in depth documentary. After watching this, it makes sense why all those emails were hidden. Please share this to everyone you know. This guy has done all the work for the FBI. These people should be in jail. No doubt about it. INFORM your friends let everyone know about this.

Published on Jun 22, 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016: Full replay of Donald Trump’s anti-Hillary Clinton speech at Trump SoHo in New York City.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Anti-Hillary Clinton Speech in NYC (6-22-16)


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