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The Sumerians called the planet Nibiru, the “planet of crossing,” and the Babylonian version of the epic retained the following astronomical information:

Planet Nibiru:
The Crossroads of Heaven and Earth he shall occupy.
Above and below, they shall not go across;
They must await him.


Now at Castle Hill near Mere, England on June 6, 2016, we can see, drawn on the crops, the schematic outline of a “Wheatstone Bridge”. This is an electrical device used to measure “strain” in mechanical systems. The basic working principle of a Wheatstone Bridge is explained below:


When we look closely at the centre of this new crop picture, to see where a difference voltage V is supposed to be measured, we can see a large, “swirled circle” of crop in the flattened lay:  

This “swirled circle” in the lay, near the centre of that Castle Hill crop picture, matches where a “difference voltage V” would be measured using a Wheatstone Bridge. It has therefore been marked with two orange circles on either side. 

Maybe the crop circle refers to the infamous planet Nibiru but according to MrCati, the June 06, 2016 Castle Hill Crop Circle is a key crop circle, that affirms the return to and the continued focus on the future ritual dates of 9-23 and 9-24.

By viewing the crop circle in a negative view, MrCati was able to observe a subtle created and hidden sphere image, created within the image of the Castle Hill Crop Circle.

It was this hidden sphere that allowed him to observe and to once again confirm the future intention of using two each 911 false flag events to create the needed time line, needed by the NWO Supercomputer, to ensure their future one world government and one world domination of the world.

The Castle Hill UK Crop Circle for me, marks a key set of dates in time, regarding the mega ritual of time manipulation, that I have been following and pursuing for many years.

Background Sources and Links:
Crop Circle Connector
Castle Hill Crop Circle

Published on Jun 14, 2016

This video was taken down because I downloaded some crop circle pictures from cropcirclecenter.com which used pictures from cropcircleconnector.com/Matthew Williams. Although I referred my source from cropcirclecenter.com, Matthew Williams filed a claim against my video and youtube took it down. Too bad because this video contained warnings about USA attacks. This video replaced several photos with clip arts. Narrated by Ken Peters, Script by Sherry Wang.


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