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It is sad to admit, but most of the time people want those “dirty” children to go away, because very often they are sent by dirty adults to steal… It’s a bitter reality ..world loves pretty outfits not beautiful personality…every dirty looking is assumed a thief ..but really corrupt people in flashy outfits are acceptable …yeah this video can make anyone sad ..as reality check is always hard to digest

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anano unicef

Published on Jun 28, 2016

What would you do if you saw a six year old alone in a public place?

This video opened my eyes to a very sad truth… If you saw a six-year-old alone in a public place, what do you think you would you do? And would that change based on how they looked?

Incredible reality video shows the shocking unfairness and discrimination marginalised children face in society. Imagine what it’s like for millions of children who are pushed aside each day.

Anano, a six-year-old child actor took part in an experiment with UNICEF to see how people reacted to her on the streets and in a restaurant based on what she looked like. The result might shock you…

The treatment towards her when she was dressed in tattered clothes was so bad that the filming had to be stopped after the child actor broke down. Later, Anano said it was upsetting that just because her face was covered in soot and wearing dirty clothes, people kept telling her to go away.

The heart-wrenching video ends with a powerful message: “Imagine what it’s like for millions of children who are pushed aside every day. Change starts when you choose to care.”


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