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Published on Aug 6, 2016

Remember in 2014 when everyone dumped buckets of ice water over each other for charity? That was nice wasn’t it? Until you realise that by doing this you’ve just enlisted into the Unholy Army of Satan! Ooh I wonder who we’re invading? I hope it’s not Paraguay, I love Paraguay.

Apparently it’s time to burn all our calendars and prepare for the Y2K bug because according to German researchers Heribert Illig and Dr Hans-Ulrich Niemitz the year is not 2016, it’s 1719.

This theory contains two times the normal level of insanity, because not only does it claims that Robin Williams’ murder was organised by the mysterious illuminati, but also that the BBC knew about it, and broadcast evidence via the scheduling of an episode of Family Guy. On August 11th 2014 BBC Three broadcast an episode called Viewers Mail 2, where anything Peter Griffin touches turns into Robin Williams. In one scene a gun is directly pointed at Williams, and this episode was broadcast between 11.25pm and 11.45pm, with Reuters announcing the comedian’s tragic death moments later at 11.56pm.

Ever since news of the Ebola outbreak broke in 2014 people seem to be obsessed with linking it to Barack Obama. I guess they both have African roots and they kinda sound the same, so why the hell not! But the conspiracy theories dreamt up about this link hold about as much weight as kitten with an eating disorder.

Donald Trump often uses conspiracy theories to whip his supporters up into a frenzy, but he’s actually been the subject of a few insane claims himself. As we covered in our Donald Trump video a few months back some people genuinely believe that the Donald is a secret Democrat agent, and that he’s running a false flag campaign to help Hillary Clinton get elected.

Former sports broadcaster, soccer goalkeeper and fan of turquoise leisurewear David Icke is now better known by his work as a full time conspiracy theorist. Through his ridiculously popular books and worldwide tours Icke spreads his belief that the world is controlled by magical lizard people called the Babylonian Brotherhood.

We’re heading a little into Inception territory but hear me out on this one, because of all the bizarre conspiracies on this list this one may just make the most sense of all. When human beings don’t get their own way conspiracy theories help your brain make sense of the world.


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