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Published on Aug 22, 2016

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In a laboratory at Oxford University sits the Oxford Electric Bell, which has spent 176 years constantly ringing. And no-one’s quite sure what the battery that powers it is made of…

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Thanks to camera operator Mikayla Hunter: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvv5…

And thanks to the University of Oxford’s Physics Department for letting us film the bell!

Croft (1984) The Oxford electric bell, Eur. J. Phys.

Croft (1985) The Oxford dry pile, Clarendon Laboratory Historical Notes No. 3

The Clarendon Dry Pile, Department of Physics website


Comments on: "The Battery That’s Lasted 176 Years" (2)

  1. This so-called ‘battery’ proves that Wilhelm Reich was wrongly accused of fraud, when he died in prison in the USA for making false claims about his “orgone accumulator” box, made from layers of metal foil and wood. I was going to build a meditation room in the same way, with layers of silver foil sandwiched with hardboard which would accumulate so-called ‘dark matter’; otherwise known as ‘etheric matter’, a form of matter above the gaseous plane, seen by clairvoyants; but, I did not want to overstimulate or cause anyone a ‘kundalini awakening’ which can precipitate a psychotic disaster. I’ve read that UFO’s are made from etheric matter, ironically called ‘dark matter’ by scientists, simply because they cannot see or measure it, themselves. There are said to be four divisions of etheric-matter above gross physcial matter, liquid matter and gaseous matter. I refer to Benjamin Creme’s book THE GATHERING OF THE FORCES OF LIGHT. – UFOs and their Spiritual Mission. Share International Foundation. July 2010.

    In this book there is an explanation regarding why crop circles have most often appeared in UK as a sign that the expected spiritual leader of a group of immortal or resurrected mortals, known as Lord Maitreya, is in London. Many frightened ‘born again’ evangelical devotees consider that, just because He bears a different name to His closest friend and comrade the Master Jesus, He must be the anti-Christ – although it’s clear enough to me that Adolf Hitler deserved that name, and had already tried to take over, if not destroy, our free-wheeling global economy by which our politicians (mainly in the USA, UK and EU, but also in China and India and most other places) now enslave the majority of human beings, leaving the rest to starve and die in squalor. From what I’ve heard, Maitreya’s message is justice through sharing the world’s resources freely between all nations, whose members are “of one blood”, as it says in the Bible: “Gott hat von einem blud aller menschen gemacht.” So, when you’re ready, Maitreya, bring it on! If we let our prejudices divide us and continue to allow politicians to profit from selling weapons of war, we will never have peace. The industrialists and the mafia are already destroying all that is precious in life, already… So let’s demand the truth from the BBC about Maitreya and the Master Jesus, who I hear they have met in 1986, and who our land-owning aristocrats and capitalists are afraid of – never mind those warped bible-punching missionaries whose religious prejudice about the so-called “illuminati” is all over the internet – because they more than anybody else needs to hear the truth about Maitreya and His Group of immoral and illumined minds… So bring it on, Maitreya! God help us!


  2. amusingword said:

    So an X-Ray will ruin it?


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