( Freedom All the TIME )


Hue-manity insights have been clarified for next phase to begin.

Gaia gateways are now primed.

Fantasies are cleared.

Portals of activation expand at once.



Comments on: "GAIAPORTAL UPDATE : Hue-manity insights have been clarified for next phase to begin…◯◯◯…" (3)

  1. […] Source: GAIAPORTAL UPDATE : Hue-manity insights have been clarified for next phase to begin…◯◯◯… […]


  2. Eternal Good Neighbors,

    Every moment futures are passing were we are ever presently standing upon the Ramparts of Life as willful Mountains of Honor, constantly squaring reality of eternal dimensions brought forth by our Mother of Wisdom’s eternal witness of our greater glory of Wisdom of Divine Honor, which gives her life in return for all walks of life each, to chose to rise and live in good will honorably & eternally live thereby.

    Our Good Works are present in all things constantly bringing restitution dimensionally squared to realities cardinal corners of peaceful doctrinal rule, freely created with variation by agreement via Nature’s Law & nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason, where all walks of life are glorified thereby.

    And those seeking good will eternally in all things, shall be given all things unto good will and nothing shall be withheld for good will’s eternal happiness to seek to live honorably forevermore.

    Know that with the rising of every sun & moon there is a peaceful setting throne of dominion reserved for every rising Man & Woman that seeks to serve one another honorably via variation by agreement for unanimity in good will. For nothing standing in good will, will be denied for the honor life eternally provides in witness of good will tendered honorably thereby.

    Life and our honor for all walks of life shall and are eternally manifest for those seeking good will. Nothing shall be withheld, not even eternal life.

    Shall we dance?

    All our best, In Honor We Trust.
    Link: http://seagov.net/.
    Notice: U.P.C. Applicable.


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