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UFO shoots upwards and to the right – Tiny alien in front of the UFO?

Also—just watching the first minute of this won’t do it justice… I’ve edited it in stages so you can see what was captured here in the clearest way possible, so its best to watch all if not most of the clip. For a time-coded list of descriptions of what’s captured here, please see below.*****

Another one of the captures I recently ( in Dec 2015) discovered well after shooting it in 2011. Thanks to Don Meers and his excellent film for giving me the inspiration to check.

This is a very odd capture, researchers!

We were in the first fifteen or twenty minutes of driving into the park before we approached a medium sized formation and got the urge to pull over.

I started filming the landscape and panned to the right, and stopped. Right before I start to pan back to the left, if you look at the ground in front of the left leaning Joshua Tree in the foreground, you’ll see a puff of dust come from the ground before a triangular object shoots upwards and to the right.

The shape then changes from a triangle to a blip or thick line.

This was a difficult edit because of how relatively small the object appears to be in the beginning. If you look closely at slow version of this edit however, this mini triangle shaped object seems to project suddenly off the the right and upwards, rotating clockwise, with the corners of the object lighting up. By the time it gets to the trees it changes form and looks more like a blip or small cylinder.

I searched extensively for birds that can take off “that fast” from a standstill and was unable to find anything at all.

Even peregrine falcons, birds that can fly up to 240 miles per hour, only get that fast from a dive starting well above the ground. When watching it or any bird take off, you can see wings pushing against air and gravity to begin the flight…and its “slow”…extremely slow, in comparison to the speed at which this object is taking off.

So its not a bird by any means.

Mini-surveillance drone??? All I know is that this one has my head spinning.


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