( Freedom All the TIME )



Mark it down, on this day the USA, Inc/Federal Reserve Bank’s fiat United States Dollar (USD) finally died, and the Republic’s new United States Note (USN) was born.


The gold-backed Chinese Yuan/Renminbi was born internationally (technically October 1 in Asia at noon EDT).

And the European Banking Cabal public surrendered the global financial system.

No celebrations. No parades. No recognition. But WW3 officially now has ended.

God is Great!


On this day, starting at 5:00am EDT in the Line Islands somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, humanity has legally, morally and monetarily been set free for a 1,000 years of light.

Heaven is earth once again!

All praise and glory to Akua!




The GCR/RV/GESARA/DISCLOSURE EVENT has gained irreversible momentum and reached a velocity intensity that will tonight at midnight, worldwide, in order to bring about the release of a pure Christ frequency direct from the Central Sun. BAM!

The ZIM bond/currency’s exactly what has been discussed in previous posts on this site, and much, much more given the raw assets of Africa to which your note lays claim. Making each note literally Heaven’s Mana, so represent as such and lead courageously with your best human angel accordingly.

Know that you will be representing generations of your family, community, country and continent during your 2 hour redemption appointment. So be bold, thing long, long, long-term, and speak straight from the heart without rehearsal… knowing you’ll be protected–no matter what or how much you are blessed with.

Speak loudly for the broken and forgotten, for the weak and distraught, for the hopeless and crippled… for service to the meek is joy, and joy for blessing all is service.

Be blessed beyond human understanding, and please, please surrender to the Truth and Will of the Creator. It’s simply the highest, safest and funnest road. And thank you for trusting this author by reading these SITREPs. They are all crafted with love.

God is with us.



Comments on: "New Republic via a GCR ( Global Currency Re-Set ): “History Has Been Made, The Future is Ours” & “Velocity” Intel Update for Oct 1, 2016" (3)

  1. Nicolette said:

    i find it interesting that this article mentions 1000 thousand years of light, have you ever read the scriptures in the bible on the thousand years? i will suggest that you do. many blessings  Alternative to drugs http://soaringspirit.webs.com

    Liked by 1 person

  2. saucernut2 said:

    What alternative to drugs??


  3. saucernut2 said:

    Never mind……….. Duh?


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