( Freedom All the TIME )


Lest Unite To Create Heaven On Planet Earth…



The Same Breath….. is Your breath Lets Connect in to Our Hearts To Create Heaven On Earth Galactic Family (:-*-:)


~~~~~~~~What the World Can Be~~~~~~~~
Q: Since I was a child, I’ve had these dreams of fleets of UFOs. And when I was ten, when I lived inCanada, I saw one. I was by myself and I just looked up at it and it stopped for a few minutes, then it
B: Yes.

Q: And ever since then I’ve had these dreams.
B: Yes?

Q: I picture vehicles on the Earth using magnetic powers, from above, on these parallel energy lines.Not using any form of energy that we’re using now.
B: Yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes, yes!

Q: And I see all this, and I’m…
B: This is very, very, very imminent in your future. Many of your scientists, so to speak, and many otherindividuals who are not necessarily labeled as scientists, are beginning to explore and understand that your world does provide you with an unlimited wealth of electromagnetic energy that you can utilize in many different ways. To replace some of the systems you are using now… for your propulsion and whatever needs to be.

That is the whole point of the transformation. Not to run away — yes, we understand that when many of you go through that shift, and you finally know what your connection is, all of a sudden you feel, “I don’t belong here,” but yes, you do. You chose to be where you are.
The idea is to finally recognize that what you are finally perceiving is that you have now tapped into what your world can be. You are tapping into what experiences you have had in other worlds and you can use that recognition to create your Earth to be what you prefer it to be. Do you follow me?

Q: Yes.
B: So use it that way. You do not have to fear feeling foolish. You will do a great deal of service in allowing other individuals to know it is ALL RIGHT to feel however they are feeling, because they can use that in a positive way. They can absorb it and incorporate it
into whatever they choose to define themselves to be.
You are but the definitions you give to yourselves. THAT IS IT. Get in touch with those true definitions,and you can define yourself in any way, shape, or form, you want to. Then once you have created definitions you prefer, ACT like it, and do not assume those definitions will not change; change is the only constant in creation. But know that they will change in ways that befit a grander definition, and a grander one, and a grander one, in a positive, accelerative, expansive, ecstatic, never-ending,
NEVER-ENDING exploration of creation. You understand?

Q: Yes. Thank you very much!
B: Oh, I had nothing to do with it. (Audience Laughter) You are welcome. Thank you.


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