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Amazing invention helps woman write again & another to take Photos and Say a Word.. BBC Stories…♥♥♥…


When Emma Lawton was 29 she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
As a graphic designer, drawing is a huge part of her life but over the past three years the tremor in her hands has grown more pronounced stopping her from writing and drawing straight lines.  Enter Haiyan Zhang and her invention that is changing Emma’s life.

22-year old James is terminally ill. He loves taking photos but his condition means his fingers have fused together making it impossible to use a camera by himself. So the BBC introduced him to designer Jude Pullen who has come up with a clever solution.

Graham hasn’t said a word for two years. Since his stroke in 2014, the 55-year-old has only been able to communicate by slowly tapping out words on a tablet. The BBC introduced him to two designers who, with the help of technology and some old video recordings, have made it possible for him to use his voice again.


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