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What is the massive reptilian monument mean, at the Vatican? Why is Paul VI audience Hall, the shape of a snake?


Is the Vatican the secret stronghold for Satan, or some snake cult? What is the best evidence, that reptilians are real, and the pope worships satan? #Reptilian #PaulVIAudienceHall #ChurchofSatan

1:41 is all the proof people should need to see things are not what they appear and something very Sinister is being played out here, but wow 2:01 is just unbelievable so blatant because oh but you must be crazy to think reptoids control the Vatican and the whole world …hidden in plain sight is the ultimate cover that’s for sure


Comments on: "5 Reasons Vatican run by Reptilians ~ PaulVIAudienceHall ~ ThePope" (7)

  1. These comments about reptiles being in the Vatican are nonsense. This is another example of the “Hate Catholics” slogan!!


    • Michele Marini said:

      You’re past asleep if you don’t see nothing wrong with the Vatican and the way they operate. Or you’re in complete denial because there’s more proof that reptilians run the world than Jesus every existed (actually theres no proof that Jesus existed).

      God never entered the Vatican and never will. That place’s pure evil!

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  2. Mr. Evans said:

    These comments about The Reptilians being in the Vatican are Not nonsense, for they Show and Expose The Reptoid’s around this planet, and the Faux Catholic Church, which is Criminal Owned, Controlled and Mis-Run By The Satanists, The Luciferian Jesuit Pedophile Sexual Abusers and Child Murderers which is a Faux Religion which has been Behind Every War, and Every War Crime and Crime(s) Against Humanity in Human History going back
    2,000 Years Now. ;~o

    The Reptilians Are Real !!! ;~0

    Alice L. for Liar Fusco is most likely a Brainwa$hed Programmed $hill for them. ;-o


  3. […] Gedung modern Auditorium Paus Paulus VI (Paul VI Audience Hall) berbentuk persis kepala ular. Penampakan dalam dari gedung ini nampak seperti ular buas dengan kedua taringnya. Di belakang mimbarnya terdapat ukiran manusia sekaligus tengkorak ular bersayap. Lihat videonya untuk lebih jelas. Gambar diambil dari missiongalacticfreedom  […]


  4. Ive seen 2 reptilians in real life, they are real.


  5. Bunch of idiots keep making stuff up, waste of time dreaming up images, the ones seeing things are the evil ones, so this is Satan saying fuck all the LOSERS trying to make the Roman Catholic Church look bad, just quit being jealous with ur 20 people in ur own made up churches lol


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