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Sheldan Nidle – February 28, 2017

9 Ix, 17 Zac, 13 Caban

Dratzo! The horror of the present is becoming quite clear. Those who long fought and defeated the dark and its seemingly ever-present minions are in for a very sad surprise. The dark’s resilience is ready to be revealed and discovered. This realm is ready for its most crushing blow. The Light knew from the start that it was to take a special strategy to ensure its total victory. This time of triumph is at hand. In this, the dark is to be totally caught unawares. Long ago, Heaven sent forth the warriors of the Light with a single aim. This was to be able to make the dark feel that it truly was in charge of this most sacred place. This plot is now hatched and the dark’s minions are finished! These useless entities are to be in shock as they helplessly leave. It is time to put those of the Light in charge. Time to bring in the promised moment of freedom. Time to terminate dark beliefs that allowed hate and separation to rule you. Time to live in Dignity and Love. It is the sacred moment for life’s unity to push to the forefront. Let all be so done!

We come now to finish what the Light began 13 millennia ago. The dark was given its temporary moment and it quickly dissolved into arrogance and tyranny. This ill-placed amalgam is now over. Its last vestiges are quickly to become what bad dreams are made of. We gladly move forth in a meaningful manner to assure that dark is finished. The Atlanteans and their ilk ruled for far too long. The dark began to think that the decrees of Heaven were to be beaten back by sheer persistence. This has proven to be false. In fact it was this odd approach, which was to be their greatest weakness. Now it is wondrously too late. We have come like Angels in the Night and cast aside any who greatly believed in the might of their deep and scurrilous thoughts. It is to be an event that arrives suddenly and slays any who wished to delay the inevitable. It is to be a moment for taking up this new time. It is as well to be when all can finally just be and accept this grand moment of triumph!

Be one, dear Friends, in this divine time of victory. The dark is to feel that it has forged a semblance of its old reality. This is, in fact, only a mirage. The old ways are forever gone and like a proverbial Humpty Dumpty cannot ever be put back together again. It took the dark too long to figure all of this out. Now it must face its demise with a number of lessons learned and with a new, friendlier attitude. In this mode, it can start to see its basic wrongs and be ready to see that it is to be a gracious part of this new reality, a reality filled to the brim with Love and Light. It is in that time that ancient Lemuria can return to the divine goals of being Gaia’s much promised divine guardians. In this sacred realm you are to put right what the Atlanteans so thoroughly messed up. Indeed, it is to be humanities “second chance”. It is also to be when this special solar system can reach the condition so promised by the ancient ones.

This new world of yours is to be marked by a whole plethora of new things. It is to be filled with Love and Light. The lessons of duality are to succumb to a gentle unity. Old tyrannies are to be replaced with new delights. This divine realm is to be one where death and its aftermath are no longer to be found. It is to be a land of sacred unity and sovereign delights. War is to be banished and old dark feelings extinguished. It is to be a land where divine humanity is to dwell and live in a remarkable place of fulfilled dreams. We were born into such a land. We come here to give this to you. Many nights you as well dreamed of this wondrous place. However, they are not dreams but a true, future reality! Its wonders give us our natural personalities. It is something that we intend to give back to you. This realm is complete with a special galactic society and its sacred laws in order to show you how these wonders work! Our divine purpose is to manifest this in a timely fashion and deliver it all, including its magical technology, to you.


Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this most valiant day to celebrate a new consciousness influx. Every day, Spirit is giving us a new gift. This gift symbolizes the new energies and sacred vibrations from Heaven. Heaven’s divine message is for us to graciously take in these new vibrations. They are enabling us to accept our hidden divinities and learn to accept all that is permitting us to truly feel this in every aspect that is a growing part of our essences. It is these new energies that are a simple key to our spirit’s growth. Humanity has not been so blessed until this time. You are a people whose destiny needs to be more easily understood. Many of you remain obstinate in your ways and continue to refuse what Heaven is now doing to allow you to accept each blessing. Nevertheless, you are learning to let go of your old perceptions and see what Heaven is offering you. We are most grateful for numerous recent changes. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

These decrees are transforming this surface realm. Each way that you are reacting to these sacred decrees is helping to give you a continual set of special blessings. These blessings are helping to alter a number of serious exchanges that are preserving Life on Gaia. It has saddened us to watch in displeasure, as each form of eco-system seemed destined for a great and unwanted extinction. This horror is now being averted by the wonderful way you are swiftly changing. There is much deeply-felt relief for many of you that are coming to grips with what you need to do to reverse much of what has occurred in the past fifty years alone. Once again, there is, in you, a collective and rapidly emerging form of hope. You now appear to be ready to extract a more humane form of gentle interaction with your environment. This has quietly formed as you adopt a new perspective about your relationship with nature.

To conclude simply, you are rapidly showing us your deep concern for this planet, your glorious home world. In the recent past, you seemed to be in full alliance with the inglorious dark and infamous human minion destroyers of this realm. It appeared that you were somehow just a few unhappy moments from the joint extinction of all life on Gaia’s surface realm. We most gratefully accept this wonderful turnabout. Our deepest desire is that this continues and that it reaches even higher proportions as you move ever closer to your point of full consciousness. This process is further evidence of how your new perceptions are positively affecting this realm. We expect our space brother’s mentors to make a series of great impressions upon you. Hail to the coming times and to what Spirit is now creating for you. Be aware of how you are transforming and be ready to accept both your surface world and the adjacent realm of Agartha! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we continued our weekly reports that explain the changes on your surface realm. You are on the verge of events that are to give you freedom, prosperity, sovereignty and a return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
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Comments on: "Sheldan Nidle – February 28, 2017 ~”“It is time to put those of the Light in charge. Time to bring in the promised moment of freedom." (4)

  1. Interesting narrative! I haven’t heard of anyone speaking about the Lemurian’s in quite some time and it is very “refreshing”…to say the least! Don’t be so hard on the Atlantean’s however, as there were those of Atlantis that fought a great battle against the forces of evil. From what I have gathered over the years, “WE” are the descendants of the Atlanteans as the Lemurians essentially…”ascended” (for lack of a better word). They (Lemurians) may even be the “Angels” we have come to believe in?

    I’m sure you have seen the video…
    “Audio Corrected – No Forests on Flat Earth – by Людин Рɣси”

    This Earth, as we “see” it today, was “sculpted” by the Lemurians and the Atlanteans simply built upon it, just as we do today.

    Scripture is so convoluted, that it is difficult to decipher the Truth from the Falsehoods. Nevertheless, there are “some” Truths within it. One of which are the prophecies of the “End Times” of which we are definitely witnessing…NOW! AND, I’m sure you do not disagree.

    btw…I “touched” upon your other article regarding the Banking System and there is one thing that you missed. “ANY” bank using “ANY” currency “system” is STILL under the rule of the Roman Empire! Remember, “Julius Caesar” invented…CURRENCY!!! Yeah, I know, people Will argue that the Greeks and “others” INVENTED it BUT, it was Caesar that “Capitalized” upon it and made it what is today…BAR NONE!

    Therefore, don’t get distracted by the “name” of the holder (holders) of banks, corporations, governments, and/or religious organizations as they are ALL under the Rule of the Roman Empire…PERIOD!!!


  2. Since you are well aware of the Flat Earth upon which we currently reside, the Big question is…”Where” are we?

    As I see it, we are within a “bubble” on a plane…right! I no longer believe that Heaven is above and Hell is below for “IF” we are in a bubble and that bubble is created by a “toroidal (electromagnetic?) field” (for lack of a better definition) then, there would exist a portal to the other side of the torus (i.e. What has been referred to as…Inner Earth).

    Sooo…What is beyond this bubble?

    Since there is no common point-ot-reference ‘tween “here & there” we simply take it on FAITH that it is much better than here…right!

    As I see it, “How would you explain to a child-in-the-womb what it is going to be like to…live in our world?” Simple: You can’t!

    The child is aware of “sounds” but, has no idea that they are. Just as we know we are more than the “sum-of-our-parts” WE still have no idea…”What we are?” Right?

    Yeah, we are “spiritual beings” but, what does that really mean? We have Soul. What is a Soul?

    Personally, I believe more in the stories of Odin and the “Gods” and the “Realms” of the Green Lantern, etc., than that of “space” as we have been fed since birth by the “Pharisees Of Yesterday” (i.e. “OUR” governments, scientists, religious leaders, main stream media and Institutes of Higher Learning, etc.).

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  3. vidapreciosa said:

    Palo de Alpoim, Edgar Teixeira, Richard Teixeira, Serge, Andreas

    Important to read. Enjoy

    On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 2:35 PM, Mission Galactic Freedom wrote:

    > galactichuman posted: ” Sheldan Nidle – February 28, 2017 9 Ix, 17 Zac, 13 > Caban Dratzo! The horror of the present is becoming quite clear. Those who > long fought and defeated the dark and its seemingly ever-present minions > are in for a very sad surprise. The dark’s resili” >


    • You know, Scripture says that there Will be a 1,000 year of peace and then, those that follow Jesus Christ Will be lifted to Heaven…right? However (and this is my belief), on that final day when He returns, it won’t be a 1,000 years, it Will be more like a second or two, “just” enough time for those that don’t follow Him to realize they made the wrong decision and, as it is said, “…there Will be a cry of agony like never before…” (paraphrased).


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