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Like all of my earlier articles on Flat earth, i do post again,  as this  seems-to-be-gaining a lot of massive momentum world-over on how we have been lied upon  not once but countless number -of-Times by non-other than mother-of-all-Fakes ~NASA~ (NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SPACE ACTORS) …NASA is freaking out and now it seems to be daily postin lots of so-called live-feed from ISS ( International Scam Station ) to show they-are-really in-to- space !!   its high time we sued Fake NASA….


For more Flat Earth doctrine pls Follow link below


~ Galactic human ~


Is been discovered that NASA and her group of cabals knows the nature of the true earth but deliberately hide it from us. Watch this video and exact footage of the firmament and waters above it.

Time to research before Youtube deletes freedom of speech


Anyone ever thought maybe theres no such thing as meteorites etc and thats just a made up thing to keep others afraid of going into space themselves?  Above the dome is water, waters above and below the firmament us started in scripture and that would makes sense why the stars flutter and constantly twinkle or what not. it’s bcuz were seeing them thru water. also to any who don’t know nasa in Hebrew means to ascend and also to deceive.

Do we live in a Dome ? Strange Times

Flat Earth Evidence – The Universe is a Lie. Nasa has been telling us bed time stories. The truth will come out and New World Order is taking advantage of our ignorance to take full control. The world is not round, its not flat. What is it ?

We tested the curvature on the Earth ourselves to see if its true or not and the truth is we found NO EVIDENCE of curvature.

Interview originally found on:
Geoshifter’s channel

Photographs and Cameraman


Comments on: "Earth is Flat its a Dome Confirmed ? Firmament Coverup" (13)

  1. frgbnd12 said:

    “How does this transition to this?” Easy. Geometry. Also, meteorites and asteroids don’t look like The Empire Strikes Back; your chances of getting hit in space are miniscule and that’s freely available information.

    I can’t wait for SpaceX’s moon mission to prove you wrong. Or are you going to think they’re in on it too?


    • lol What a funny idea “…moon mission…” Seriously!!! How can you land on a “light” (luminary as described in the Book of Enoch)??? Simple…YOU CAN’T!

      BUT, that’s all right, science fiction IS…Entertaining!

      You see, NOW, you are on the “other-end-of-the-stick” with those of us that KNOW the Earth to be Flat, laughing at ALL the “Globe Heads!”

      Are you tired of believing what has been fed to you by the Pharisees of Yesterday (i.e. “Our governments, religious leaders, scientists, NASA, main stream media and Institutes of Higher Learning) since birth?

      Then simply go to the shore of a lake or ocean (with a telescope) and pick a point 20 miles away. Take a look through your telescope and tell us what you “see?” Obviously, you Will see the water at the shore line. And you Will say, “So What?” As you said above, “Geometry!” IF we were on a sphere, you would NOT be able to see that shoreline as there would HAVE TO BE “curvature” blocking that shoreline! There would be more than 200 feet of curvature but, there isn’t! As water is…LEVEL!!! Which btw, is “Why?” they call it…SEA LEVEL!

      “OMG…!!!” He’s right! (My BAD! That’s for you to say)

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      • frgbnd12 said:

        1) Do your research, the mission is to simply fly around the moon and back, not land on it.

        2) Phases of the moon. You can’t cast a shadow on something generating its own light.

        3) Could you point me to a demonstration of a camera or telescope capturing a stationary object on the earth’s surface from 20 miles away? Mind, the observer must be also standing directly on the earth’s surface and the object must be something less than 200 ft tall, such as a building of less than 20 stories, in order for your take to hold up.

        4) Scientific consensus is that the earth’s diameter is 7,917 miles. The average human being is between 5 and 6 feet tall, which is only .0000132% of that measurement. Looking out to sea, the horizon would be roughly 3 miles away, or .0379% of that measurement. The reason we don’t see curvature is that we’re too small to see curvature. So to your “sea level” point, that term actually refers to the distance at which the surface of the ocean rests from the center of the earth, not a literal level like you would use in carpentry.

        5) If it’s been long enough since your town’s last book burning, you might be able to visit your local library and read about two fellas who did great work relevant to exactly this issue: Galileo, and Eratosthenes of Cyrene. Cheers!


      • lol…”BELIEVE” as you Will! “Try” the experiment as I suggested and PROVE ME WRONG!!!
        I have seen the boats “docked” on Catalina from Point Fermin in San Pedro…’nuff said!

        btw…The height of the telescopes are no more than 90 feet above “SEA LEVEL” (i.e. water IS…LEVEL) AND, Catalina is 20 miles from Point Fermin, San Pedro, California. At 20 miles you would have to be 200 feet above “sea level” in order to view the boats docked on Catalina Island…PERIOD!!! Just to “spell-it-out”…ANYTHING less than 200 feet above SEA LEVEL would have to be enough (non-existent) “curvature” so that you would NOT “see” those boats…PERIOD!!!

        BUT, I’m just talking out-of-my-ASS…right! Prove it to yourself!!!

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      • frgbnd12 said:

        Actually you never mentioned the elevation of the observer. At 90 feet above sea level, the boats would only have to be 50 feet tall to be seen, which I’m sure isn’t uncommon in Long Beach.

        But let’s say you were standing elsewhere on Catalina, say, its highest peak. At 2,097 feet, the horizon is 56 miles away, so you would be able to see not just boats, but much of LA as well on a round earth.

        By the way, the burden of proof is always on the person making the positive claim. You and the OP are the ones trying to claim the earth is flat.


      • Actually, NOTHING I say or do Will ever satisfy someone like you as you Will always have “something” to say to negate whatever I put forth. Therefore, PROVE ME WRONG! Which, I Will tell you right now…can’t be done! lol

        Earth Curve Calculator

        Of course, YOU Will NOT attempt to prove me wrong as you are afraid of the TRUTH..!!!

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      • frgbnd12 said:

        Right, because someone like me understands high school level physics and math. In fact, the link you sent happens to be the calculator I’ve used to prove you wrong several times over already, so I don’t know what else you’re waiting for.

        Oh wait, yes I do, because you keep using words in ALL CAPS and have punctuated your response with the mantra of the unhinged End Times watchblogger. If I was “afraid of the truth,” I wouldn’t have questioned you at all; I might have even blocked you outright. Instead, I’m opening myself up to discussion. You, on the other hand, seem to be waiting for me to drop some kind of key word or phrase, or perhaps the name of someone you believe to be Illuminati, so that you can play whatever trump card you have in your back pocket and then boast to your followers about how you “obliterated” this NWO shill, when it was really just this random IT guy somewhere in Texas.


      • Seriously??? That’s all you got! OBVIOUSLY, you ARE afraid of the…TRUTH! As you resort to meaningless quips about CAPS and go off on another tangent…lol

        “Have a nice day!”

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  2. Kenneth L Elder said:

    USA Intelligence agents under control of the Luciferian Cabal misnamed “Illuminati” are putting out this stupid Flat Earth garbage to try to make alternate news look stupid. This is response to the PizzaGate info by the satanic murderous pedophile elite to try to hide the truth. This is bad karma and lying to the public like this will result in you being less intelligent in your next lifetime.


    • OBVIOUSLY, you “believe” what you want rather than accept the FACT of the Earth being FLAT…huh!

      It’s “Okay!” as every one of us that now KNOW the Earth to be Flat previously “believed” the LIES of the Pharisees of Yesterday…also!

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      • Tori Tactics said:

        Please try not to get upset talking with people who do not believe this, as at one point or another we were all in the dark about it. It truly is a miracle that we know. A miracle. Be patient. Be kind. They will know soon enough. I simple ask of people that I talk to you, use your eyes. Look around you. You can see the truth for yourself. By experience. Not by what others tell you.

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  3. Black Tourmaline said:

    You know, i have seen quite a few of flat-earth videos on Youtube and am a little curious as to whether this could all be true.

    However, i think “frgbnd12” is right; so far, the burden of proof lies with the flat-earthers to show, beyond reasonable doubts, that the Earth is indeed flat. And they have not done that.

    I mean, could they (someone-a biliionaire flat-earthers/fundings?) not fly to the edge and record the massive ice wall barrier on Antartica and beyond (and pls no more of that Admiral E.Byrd footage) or fly up a properly developed balloons or rockets with cameras that are able to capture top/bottom/sides (scientific) plane views of the flat Earth and once it hits the dome, possibly with temperature and density? readings (instead of a poorly put together GoPro tied to a balloon spinning around) or even something else comprehensive (experiments) that would prove the flat-earth claims.

    Otherwise, saying “firmament”, sourced from the Bible?, that wouldn’t even passed the atheist test let alone from a “scientific” standpoint. Saying “believe” and “truth” makes it no different from the conspiracy theories who claims “Lizard people” and “there are no trees in the forest” or “hollow earth”.

    And it is normal for people to be skeptical; if not, any snake oil salesmans would be filthy rich and we certainly don’t wish our society to be that way. (and pls do not use this to compare the Illuminatis getting rich with globe Earth scam)

    Now don’t get me wrong i would love to see the proof, i have seen topics like “MMS”, “Russian Killer Yeti” and even “Mermaid: Body Found” with people testifying and even UFOs Channel with footage and “The Kandahar Giant”, “HAARP” sonar, “MKUltra”, “TR-3B”, “Nibiru Second Sun” “Vatican-Mouth of the Serpent”, “Kola Superdeep Borehole stuck at 12KM”, “Lake Vostok Monster Octopus”, “MMPC” and some of it even looked real, but guess what, some of it is not even real (mockumentary) and none of it is actually proven beyond reasonable doubts.

    So until we have something conclusive, we will never know for sure.


    • Well, you can prove to yourself that there is no curvature. Simply pick something 20 miles away from close to the shore of a lake or ocean and look through a telescope. You Will see the water hitting the shore at that distance, even if you are 20 feet above the water’s edge. That in itself is proof enough that the Earth is NOT curved. btw…Do this on a “clear” day.

      Then, there is “Flat Earth: A Mountain of Evidence” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPDtMQqlprk) It is quite lengthy as he explains “How” and “Why” he did this. There is also a “Short” version.

      Ten years ago, I wouldn’t give the subject a second of interest as it seemed ridiculous. Heck, it took me about 6 months to realize the Earth is indeed Flat! BUT, the Globe Earth is just the “tip-of-the-iceberg” when it comes to…LIES!!!

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