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InfinitySAV© http://www.youtube.com/c/FutureEnergy


Infinity SAV is a well organized team of young and ambitious people. The company employs highly qualified talented specialists in the field of electric engineering with a rich experience of more than 10 years. Our portfolio includes more than 20 innovative devices and 10 patents.


All of our devices undergo quality control and independent third party testing.

For more than 3 years our team has been developing a fossil fuel free generator which is able to generate energy. We have conducted a scientific research and have achieved a few fully functioning models.At present the company Infinity SAV is preparing to launch a mass production of a fuel free generator for consumers.

Now our company is actively looking for distributors from all countries.
One of the basic principles of work of the company Infinity SAV is complete and definite fulfillment of undertaken obligations.

We are located in Seoul, South Korea

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Russians and South Koreans team up to develop working free energy device ready for mass production! Spread the word! No more excuses from Steven Greer or anybody else who says they have the funding to manufacture free energy devices! These guys have the device ready for mass production! It’s already done! God confirmed to me that this device is REAL! Spread the word everywhere so THEY can’t stop free energy!


Comments on: "Infinity SAV© – Electromagnetic Generator 10kW FREE ENERGY ~Russians Create Free Energy Device! It’s REAL!" (7)

  1. […] Source: Infinity SAV© – Electromagnetic Generator 10kW FREE ENERGY ~Russians Create Free Energy Devic… […]


  2. Why even mention the LIAR, Steven Greer? He is a NO BODY…PERIOD!!!


    • nunca falta el borrego dormido que niega lo que ve, estás viendo la demostración y aun así te atreves a negarlo? por favor, estudia más sobre energía libres y luego vienes a balar todo lo que quieras ¬¬


  3. I’m so happy of this product. It’s really want to villages. I’m asking one Question- it’s one’s start how long it will running? And what about price like Indian Rupee.


  4. Narpal singh said:

    Call hellp my phon no 9466991331


  5. Ajar Muhammad Khalil, Zakhilwal said:

    Hello everyone,
    Please Let me know how many price of that generator.


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