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The Teachers teach what they were taught, don’t be brainwashed like Billions already fallen! Its funny how there is no stars when astronauts go to space thru NASA!! So Many Questions?? We look like fools don’t we.. hmm  i would rather quote Soren Kierkegaard Quote There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.’ Unquote Worth Looking in-to Flat Earth Theory.. Truth Does Not Fear Investigation.. What Say U??..Its Not your fault we have been lied-to-since-Birth..

Ask on Why do-i-Share So much off Flat-Earth Stuff? It’s Time to Wake-Up Sheeple!!

~ Galactic Human~

Third and final installment in my Flat Earth Trilogy. I’ve tried everything I can to prove to myself that the earth isn’t flat. It didn’t work at all. The more I look into it, the more confident I become that the earth is not a globe, but why fake the globe?

Because it’s the only way to keep mainstream science relevant. If the big bang theory isn’t true, then the theory of evolution isn’t possible. If evolution isn’t real then God or a creator comes back into the picture. The creator of our world and the heavens.

The earth is flat and motionless at the center of the universe. Sun worshippers have infiltrated positions of power and have placed the sun at the center of our universe for their own benefit. We are completely mind controlled and mislead about where we live and how special we really are.

Mirror of highly recommended docu for newbies to the FE topic called “Truth Does Not Fear Investigation”. Original upload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nFwP…

Part 1 of a documentary series disproving the Heliocentric model. This section covers a new-found bombshell that (yet again) debunks the commonly believed Heliocentric model. This new observation involves the “planets” Venus and Mercury. We also cover NASA’s “inventions”, Nuclear bombs and a variety of other topics in part one alone. Also covering how astronauts cannot agree whether the stars “as viewed from space” are “blindingly Brilliant” or “black as black velvet”… Stay tuned for part two within the next week or so.

This documentary presents a “question/answer” type look at the plate earth theory versus the heliocentric model. I find it to be a powerful argument towards the flat earth theory.


Comments on: "Epic Deception Flat Earth Documentary ~ The Globe is Dead -Do You Still Live On A Spinning Ball?" (9)

  1. I like your Posts on Flat Earth and have been re-posting them to my Facebook and Empowr accounts! Along with a few other Posts you have made.

    Looks like “we” are on the…same page!

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    • Grt thanks for the help, since am Banned from postin on Facebook


      • Seriously…WTF? That seems to be a trend with those that “rock-the-boat!” lol

        Have you heard of Empowr? It was formerly called…”Fanbox.” They are still in their “Alpha” stage and have quite a few “glitches” to work out but, it is growing very fast.

        Essentially, they are attempting to be a competitor with Facebook. I am posting your videos there also. You “may” want to look into it as you can create your own Blogs and anything you may have to sell.

        While they tell you that you can Earn money through them, don’t count on it! I’ve been working it for the past 8 months and haven’t seen a dime…yet! Even though, they “say” I have Earned more than $100,000 Dollars…lol

        Take Care!

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      • Yes i am on Fanbox too.. My earning shows a mere 2000$ but its a scam for sure … i may link my blog to tumbler… Or can you suggest any other sites werein i can link ma post

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  2. cordeiro said:

    I am releasing my wings of fire over these bastards who enslaved humanity over 500 years. God’s wrath upon them
    Goddess Love Will prevail
    Victory of the light
    You bet i am coming with you .

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  3. Hey GalacticHuman!

    Have you tried “hooking-up” with Ancient Origins? They have a large following and may want to link with you. I’m not sure of any other places to take your posts. I Will say, you have access to some interesting things and ideas which I DO like!

    Oh yeah…”may be” the You Tube channel…”Russian Vids?” He has lots of interesting videos, also!


  4. Flat earth is not trending topic but awakening poeple 😃 research it


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