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Regardless if you hate me or like him, and many will dis-agree but according to me he is and will be among the  Finest President America will ever had, This Guy is not to be messed-with, He is Walk-The Talk.. Whatever he promised during Campaign He is doing it….

~ Galactic Human ~

Without a doubt, there’s a posse galloping full speed after Donald Trump with a plan to hang him high. The posse is led by the media monopoly-manipulators, traitors within Trump’s own WH staff, the CIA/FBI/NSA and the fake two party system.

There’s no interest in making peace, especially with Russia, no interest in a health care plan that works, no interest in paying for an expensive wall, no interest in vets, no interest in an educated public, no interest for corporations to roost in America instead of 3rd world countries where wages are low and pollution is high.

Expect a long hot summer of hearings, fake news, failed senate bills, protests and street rioting between Trump supporters and Trump haters. The funded and “engineered” dump-Trump campaign is designed to destabilize the government, the economy and take down the Trump presidency.

There’s nothing to cheer about when Trump gets dumped. His replacement will be worse whether it’s Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Hillary or Bernie. They’re all stooges beholding to the creatures of Jekyll Island.


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  1. I completely “concur” with your analysis…almost! lol Obviously, the Swamp wants to suck him in and he Will have no choice but to make concessions as time goes on…PERIOD! What is really going to make the difference is whether or not, “WE” (the American people) Will rally behind him OR, continue to listen to the rhetoric of main stream media and the “elitists?” I “believe” that more and more of us, are turning to the those media outlets which are attempting to actually publish the truth.

    Keep in mind the 30 seconds of the First Lady’s speech which is the same as that of Michelle Obama’s speech which essentially telling “everyone”…it doesn’t matter “Who” becomes President, “they” are still in charge! “ANYONE” with their eyes open understands this! “IF” you don’t accept it as that, then you are still in denial…PERIOD!!!

    Additionally, this Flat Earth we live on is currently under the rule of the Roman Empire as every country uses a “currency” in which to trade. AND, ALL currency is controlled by that of the Roman Empire!


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