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If Trey is on the case they are fucked! This guy is the best ever. Nothing of this being reported on the Main Stream Fake Media. If Trey Gowdy goes after em, Just in case If he lock’s up all the pedophiles , the shocking part is we won’t have anyone in government, Hollywood, or in the churches left to tell us what to do.

Awesome News Go After Em Gowdy

~ Galactic human ~

Trey Gowdy Fights Back Tears On His First Day Back In Congress Where He Warns Anyone Who Interferes With His Child Exploitation Investigation Will Be Forced To Show Up & Explain Publicly Why They Are Obstructing It

I am patently waiting for all these scum bags arrested tried and executed, especially the child molesters and Traitors. Please please please, President Trump bring down the hammer please. I don’t care about the freaking Russians, I want the traitor Americans to o go down, I’m still waiting to see Burgdaughl be tried and shot.

impatiently waiting for the Clintons, obama’s, and every single child rapest and cannibal in hand cuffs, prosecuted and hung! How much longer do we have to wait for crying out loud? They have all of the evidence they need so what is the hold up? Also Steve Quale stated that there was probably an initiation done during the death of David Rockefeller to pass on power to the next leader. What are your thoughts on that?



Comments on: "Pedogate Warning – PEDO-Are-Finished “The-Boss-Is-back” Trey Gowdy Fights Back Tears Talking about Child Sexual Exploitation" (3)

  1. Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz, TWO of the greatest Congressmen “WE” have ever had in government…PERIOD!!! Trump is still NEW in the political arena and we Will have to “wait ‘n see” how he does. BUT at least, Trump is on the side of “common morals” and is ready to give these two Congressmen all the help they need!

    “Is Trump going to make mistakes?” Of course he Will! Once again, he IS a businessman and his mistakes Will NOT be as costly as those that preceded him. The Health Care Bill is proof that he Will “own” that which isn’t right as he “pulled” the Bill rather than attempt to shove-it down our throats like Obama did! He didn’t attempt to amend or change it, just to “pacify” the opposition. Instead, he “admitted” there were parts that he didn’t like himself and is going to re-write the Bill to make it better…PERIOD!


  2. Kimberly Parker said:

    Death to Pedos and Hillary for Prison 2017!

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    • Hi Kimberly!

      “IF” Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz and President Trump stay true to the agenda of protecting us, then a lot of heads are going to…ROLL! I don’t know “Who?” came up with “DRAIN THE SWAMP!” but, it certainly is fitting…huh!


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