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Dad gives advice to future son-in-law ~ The Most Touching Speech Made by Bride’s Father to the Groom

Before completely giving his daughter away to be joined in holy matrimony to her loving fiance, one father had a few words he needed to say. This is one of the best wedding speeches we have heard, you have to hear it for yourself.

Dad gives advice to future son-in-law. Awesome, totally awesome!  Way to go Dad!!  That is precious…….Just one more bit of advice…You best take good care of my little girl because…..you know Dad will be watching !!


GAIAPORTAL UPDATE : Treasons exposed, closings follow…◯◯◯…

Treasons exposed, closings follow.

Knights of Illumination ride for the masses.

Upliftments are communicated and experienced on all levels.

Harbingers speak clearly, and remove the doubts.



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