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Talk Show Hosts Blown Away! Awesome Flat Earth Radio Interview & Flat Earth Deleted By Alex Jones

Flat Earth Clues interview 107 – WAAF Radio Boston – Mark Sargent did an awesome job getting the hosts to really question FE more. I thought it was great to hear the points that were covered in a short time. Exposing the world’s lies and Celebrate Truth

LIVE Eddie Bravo Interview on Flat Earth Deleted By Alex Jones – Infowars Show March 17, 2017. * Warning explicit language * Research Flat Earth and more info on The Flat Earth International Conference 2017 go to http://fe2017.com

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🔬 SCIENTISM EXPOSED 🔭 Full Documentary

☤ Scientism Exposed 📡 a “Science Falsely So Called” Documentary Film. https://celebratetruth.org/ Revealing the true Creator of creation.

What if there has been an agenda to keep people from the Truth of God? What if everything modern day science has taught you about your origins is wrong? Make no mistake; the very foundation of all of mankind’s “knowledge” depends on what is believed to be the Truth about the Origin of all that exists. “Scientism Exposed” is the long-awaited documentary film uncovering the spiritual agenda and deception with the scientific worldview that many teach today as proven truth and fact. Do you believe in billions or do you believe in the Bible?

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Justin Payne posed as a 10-12 year old boy to a 51/42 year old Pedo’s

I pose as a child between the age of 8 to 13 and I meet men and women. This was one of the worst I’ve met. After finding out he was talking to what he thought was a 10 years old boy he sent penis pictures and asked Christopher to do very gross things .

Poor credit Ontario 42 year old male believe he’s meeting 12 year old Jennifer. What he doesn’t realize is he’s meeting me instead. Front of you that are new to my videos I pose as a child between the age of 9 – 13. I’m a profiles on online dating websites such as OkCupid pof so on so forth. The picture I post up is clear as day a 10 year old child. Within 2 to 3 messages I come clean and say I’m actually a lot younger than my profile says. More often than not individuals over the age of 20 will continue conversation, and it quickly turns sexual from their end. I collect as much detail as possible and wait for them to ask for a meeting. Please share this video and comment on it.

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Could circular runways be the future of air travel?

Could circular runways be the future of air travel? Aviation expert Henk Hesselink of the Netherlands Aerospace Centre believes so.

Could an endless circular runway be the future of air travel? The remarkable idea is the brainchild of Henk Hesselink, a Dutch engineer who believes we need a fundamental rethink in how we design airports. What he has come up with is a circular banked runway that would cut weather delays, increase capacity, and help travellers avoid queues.

Hesselink explained to Lonely Planet: “I was thinking how to avoid challenging crosswind conditions that cause difficulties for landing and cause capacity drops. We need a system where the aircraft can take off and land always under the same conditions. The solution … a circle.” A circle means a point could always be found without a crosswind while runway overshoots would also become a thing of the past, he said.

Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2017/03/31/could-circular-runways-be-the-future-for-air-travel/#ixzz4dlya8KMu

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