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In this video Eric Dubay from the International Flat Earth Research Society and Luke from Flat Earth Consequences give their advice on how to effectively present other people the concept of Flat Earth without having them instantly cover their ears and stick their tongues out at you.

Special thanks to Beyond the Imaginary Curve, Question Everything, Flat Earth Consequences and Revoldo for their videos and activism.

“(The Earth) seemed a flat disc with an upturned edge.” ~ Dr. Auguste Piccard (1884 – 1962), Swiss physicist, inventor and explorer, on his return from his 1931 record-setting balloon flight of about 15.8 miles.

Piccard made a total of twenty-seven balloon flights, finally reaching a then-record altitude of 23 miles. Wikipedia oddly enough (sarcasm) does not mention his description of the shape of the Earth.

I watched a video on YouTube that went into the occult symbolism in Star Wars and Star Trek, and how those two popular series are first and foremost meant for ball-earth propaganda. And just to covertly laugh at us — the dumb sheeple — as they often do, the name they chose for the captain of the Enterprise in the Star Trek: The Next Generation was Captain Piccard.

They know full well that the Earth is a flat, motionless plane.

Eric Dubay


Comments on: "How to Awaken People to Flat Earth ~ Eric Dubay" (3)

  1. I really nee to buold a spaceship for myself and see itr for myself outside in space otherwise i will not beilive it.


  2. saucernut2 said:

    So…… Just how far can you go B-4 U fall off the edge? ……. Hmmmmm It’s B.S. all of it!!


  3. Hey Eric love your stuff BUT I think you and others are making a basic mistake which if corrected would add more believability to the FE world.

    That is the fact that matter is acted upon by a force which causes it to move toward the earth. Commonly called gravity. The density of matter would be irrelevant to the density – buoyancy theory if no force was causing that relative motion. Can you see that?

    What “forces” matter down if not gravity? It has been shown that density is not a factor in the effect of “gravity”. All matter falls at the same rate if not impeded. Density only affects how matter stacks up under that force. Am I wrong?

    Just because this truth has been used to create an evil twin ball earth, big bang, ect, is no reason to deny an obvious fact. Isn’t that a good way to create a lie by using some truth and drawing false conclusions from it?

    And doesn’t it seem obvious that the sky astronomy studies is extremely detailed and mimics what would be seem IF their theory of gravity was true? I read an article which said that the reason “they” even needed to invent dark matter was only because “they” didn’t base their theory on a geocentric earth which cause their calculations to need that factor.

    It seems that “gravity” is written in the stars too. The evil twin has “proof” in the sky.

    Do you have an alternative or better explanation?

    It seems to me acknowledging gravity will strengthen the FE world.


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