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In an undisclosed location in Peru L.A.Marzulli coincidentally discovered a secret in-tact mummy with an elongated skull.

L.A. Marzulli could only take photos of the mummy as the locals had a contract with a certain institution, according to the administrator.

Besides the elongated skull it seems there is much space between the vertebra and we are seeing five extraordinary long fingers/knuckles not including the thumb. Maybe from the angle of the hand, the missing thumb is behind the mummy or the being has six fingers?

The fact that an institution is involved may indicate that this mummy is more than just a mummified human being and they probably want to keep it hidden from the public, like Smithsonian, who has been gathering up skeletons and other ancient objects before.

Apparently, Peru was a hot spot for giants as well as these odd beings, like the mummy shown here.


Comments on: "Secret Mummy Discovered in Peru" (2)

  1. Of course this mummy is going to remain hidden from public knowledge as it Will destroy the “status quo!!!” The elite cannot allow the public to know the TRUTH about “who ‘n what” we truly are!!!

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  2. Hmmm…??? @ 1:20 minutes he says “…we have a full mummy with the skeletal system intact, I’ve never seen that before…” WTF?
    OBVIOUSLY, there are those amongst us that DO NOT want the World to know that these mummies are NOT HUMAN…huh!




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