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This is a mere post regarding my earlier article that North korea is not the Enemy….i have included Two amazing Vdo’s to expose Lies by MSM on North Korea.. Its all a propaganda shit, this will expose on how we are lied to about everything…….. Fake-news-media and All World-Fake-Govt Sucks Big Time-all-the-Time… Dont forget the world is being made and played out to look like a Wrestling Match One side is Considered-as-a-Hero & the other side-a-Villian (Evil) its like Good Or the bad guys… Blind ones the sheeple among us beliefs what they have been told too by MSM / Govt….. But we the Mighty-Wolves are awaken to the Lies.

~ Galactic human ~

It is nearly impossible to get any reliable information on North Korea, every week, we are bombarded by a bizzare media-spectacle sharing often misleading stories. From nuclear apocalypse and prison camps, to banned sarcasm and compulsory identical haircuts. It has become like a giant pantomime with any story regarding North Korea becoming a viral media hit, regardless of the accuracy of the the story.

In this short film two Australian film makers decided to go to North Korea for themselves to get a haircut and find out more about the North Korean culture.

This film was created in good spirits, but don’t be fooled by the lightheartedness of it. We are not supporting North Korea by sharing this, but merely addressing the hypocrisy of the American propaganda machine. Truth is any human rights violations North Korea have committed will have been totally eclipsed by the US, as (directly and indirectly) the US are the biggest human rights violators on the planet.

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The isolated, hermit kingdom of the DPRK is shrowded in secrecy, It’s nearly impossible to get any reliable information from behind the bamboo curtain. Nonetheless, every week, on T.V. and online, we are bombarded by the bizzare media-spectacle of North Korea. From nuclear apocalypse and prison camps to banned sarcasm and compulsory identical haircuts – any shred of information regarding North Korea becomes a viral media hit, regardless of how dubious the story is.

But that’s all about to change.

Two Aussie boys decided to take matters into their own hands and go to North Korea to find out the truth for themselves. Join us as we look past the clickbait and unpack the forces behind the way our media represents the “Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea”.

Drew Binsky


Comments on: "Film Makers Go To North Korea For A Haircut To Highlight The Hypocrisy Of American Propaganda" (1)

  1. Okay, so we are supposed to believe this guy? I don’t think so! ANY picture of N K at night proves that the entire country is impoverished and has no kind of infrastructure…whatsoever! ALL of their money goes into their military…PERIOD! They have a Dictator that controls everything the country “thinks” as the population believes him to be a descendant of…God!
    Therefore, I don’t believe his rhetoric about N.K. However, I do agree with him about what “our” governments (plural) want us to believe along with the FAKE-ASS Main Stream Media. Not-to-mention, “our” Institutes of Higher Learning…just to name a few.


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