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Rare: A reconstruction of the tablet, right, showing what the images would have originally looked like before they faded

According to an ancient Babylonian tablet, the biblical tower of Babel was real.

An ancient tablet which dates back to the sixth century BC—and was discovered over a century ago—offers conclusive evidence that the tower of Babel was real. The tablet also provides the first-ever image of the real Tower of Babel and describes the building process and the man behind it: Mesopotamia’s most famous ruler, King Nebuchadnezzar II.

However, Ur-Nammu’s version was less cruel and stated that blinding someone should result in a fine, not the losing of an eye.

Bar tabs were also enshrined in law. If, for example, you told a ‘female tavern-keeper’ to put a beer on a tab in the summer, she could order you to pay a tax in the winter – though it doesn’t specify how much.

Miguel Civil translates the text as follows: ‘If a female tavern-keeper gives [in] summer one beer-jar to someone on credit its nigdiri-tax will be […] in win[ter]…’

Old the front page: A copy of Ur-Nammu’s law which included an ‘eye for an eye’ rule and a code on bar tabs
The ancient tablet composed in the legendary city of Babylon dates to approximately 600 B.C. and was unearthed a century ago. However, only recently has the tablet been studied accordingly, when Dr. Andrew George of the University of London noted that the stone bears an image seemingly depicting the biblical tower. The tablet remained in the private collection of Norwegian businessman Martin Schøyen for years.

Ancient Code
Read more here: http://www.ancient-code.com/ancient-b…


It is believed—in theory—that there was once a SINGLE, original language spoken by mankind. Interestingly, as many other things, this too appears in the Bible, Book of Genesis, Chapter 11, in a passage that also mentions the tower of Babel.

Genesis chapter 11

Images credit: Smithsoniam Institute, Schøyen Collection, Ancient Code


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