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NASA in HEBREW means “TO DECEIVE.” (No stars, no thick layer of moondust, no sign of a crator under the lander, backgrounds on moon similar to backgrounds on earth, scales moon and earth sometimes wrong on pictures)  Nope. It is easier to use Photoshop and convince people that an image was created without it. Research it.

The one thing i was amazed abt  this VDO was, what i saw was this unknown interviewer  who confronted the So called Astro-NOT Buzz Aldrin / John Young & Neil Armstrong and others he literally got Punched on the face….Who’s that gutsy interviewer ? Check VDO mark 0.34 Sec to 2.16 sec.. Law suits needs to be filed against all Fake Astro-NOT..

You don’t have to blindly accept what’s projected to you. You do not have to be ANYONE’S mental bitch. Splash some water on your face and look into it.We have been Lied too and Deceived.. It’s Time to take action…

~ Galactic human ~

NASA Fails so hard and so often they cannot be taken seriously by earnest truth-seekers. This band of incessantly lying Freemasons and Nazis have completely deceived the world into believing their astro-nots have landed on the Moon and Mars, that space stations and satellites are constantly suspended in “geosynchronous” orbit with the Earth, an Earth which they claim is a huge spinning ball-planet revolving around the Sun and shooting through infinite space away from a Big Bang creationary sneeze at 670,000,000mph.

NASA has also “confirmed” the existence of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (one septiliion) other ball planets, where many of their Masonic propagandists claim extra-terrestrial alien life MUST exist. The amount of science-fiction and fantasy peddled by this group of supposed “scientists,” and believed as gospel truth by the vast majority of the population, puts all the imaginings of George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry to shame.

Thanks to a bit of rocket technology, Zero G planes, wires, cranes, pools, sound studios and all the lying Freemasons they need, NASA has successfully fooled the entire world out of believing their own eyes and experience, the truth, that Earth is the flat, motionless center of the universe over and around which everything in the heavens revolves.


Even before I ever thought of NASA or flat earth or even knew about conspiracy theories I always wondered why they used CGI for everything space related I didn’t understand how they know so much about black holes and super novas and galaxies but they can’t get anything on tape or even a photo and I also didn’t know that people argued that pictures of earth were real I thought it was obvious CGI like everything else come to find out people will fight to the death that those are actual snapped photos from outer space its laughable



Comments on: "NASA Fail Compilation -They Are Liars and Deceivers~ Eric Dubey" (1)

  1. peacepat said:

    Please note that the term “mason” was stolen by men. Read Robert Morning Sky and especially his Lost History of Womankind. http://robertmorningsky.com/


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