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Patent trolls are scums and people need to know what they are and how to beat them.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. All the way back in 2004, in Adam Jaffe’s and Josh Lerner’s excellent book about our dysfunctional patent system, Innovation and Its Discontents, one of the key problems they outlined with the system was the fact that there was strong incentives for patent examiners at the US Patent Office to approve shit patents. That’s because they were rewarded for how “productive” they were in terms of how many patent applications they completed processing. Now, you might think that shouldn’t encourage approvals — except that there’s no such thing as a true “final rejection” from the patent office (they have something called a final rejection, but it’s not — applicants can just make some changes and try again… forever). So rejecting a patent, inevitably, harms your productivity rates as an examiner. Approving a patent gets it off your plate and is considered “done.” Rejecting it means having to spend many more hours on that same patent when the inventor comes back to get another chance. 

Drew Curtis, the founder of fark.com, tells the story of how he fought a lawsuit from a company that had a patent, “…for the creation and distribution of news releases via email.” Along the way he shares some nutty statistics about the growing legal problem of frivolous patents.



Comments on: "The Patent Scam Intro (2016)- 20 min small businesses fight patent trolls this needs to spread" (6)

  1. Sorry, don’t have the time to watch this. BUT, I have to make a comment to find out if anyone else is aware of…”LAND PATENTS?”

    “IF” you are, PLEASE!…PLEASE!!…P – L – E – A – S – E – ! – ! – !…RESPOND BACK TO ME!!!
    This is a very important issue which has been “swept-under-the-rug” by ALL the elite’s in the World and “they” DO NOT want anyone to know about it! I simply happened to find out about it “by chance!”

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    • Hi Bobby

      Well thats something new hmm Land Patents, makes me intrigued??

      You have any Articles relating to the Stuff, i mean i never thought of this and Dont know if this is for Real!! But the kind of World we are livin-in Full of LIES… Maybe there is some Truth abt this?… Since i guess nobody is aware of this Word LAND PATENTS?

      Pls send me details on how you came accross this by chance!!!

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  2. saucernut2 said:

    Probably some land or something Obama tried to develop, sell or purchase. If it involves More Lie’s, then the ‘Failed Faggot Muslim Rag Head Camel Jockey Ex-President’ did it!


    • NO! “Land Patents” go back to the 1800’s and were created so that Native Born American’s can OWN land…outright! It is a means of preventing any foreigner from ever privatizing U.S. Land…PERIOD! NO corporation or foreign entity can ever “own” a piece of U.S. Land. Only private citizens. ALL of my references were on a hard drive that was stolen from me back in 2000, or so.
      “MORTGAGE” companies HATE this legislation as it completely removes them from enforcing their mortgage for property placed on a piece of land. For instance: “IF” I were to purchase a “lot” with a home on it from a Mortgage company for $500,000, I owe them $500,000 less whatever down payment…right! BUT, once I have the Deed, I can then place a Land Patent on the lot and “own” the actual LAND upon which that lot resides. This essentially transfer “ownership” of the LAND to me and now, the Mortgage Company “owes” me for the “developed land” which is valued at MORE THAN $5,000,000/per square foot!
      The guy that discover this actually put this into play in San Diego back in the 90’s to save some elderly people their homes and was subsequently put in jail for more than 10 years on “bogus” charges. I have no idea as to whether or not he was ever released.
      BUT, if you want to “write-it-off” as not being anything of value…that’s your prerogative!


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