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We have seen many gadgets that are supposed to make communication easier – smart watches, bluetooth headsets and more. But what if there was a device that could give your actual fingers a phone signal ?!

Everyone knows the gesture of forming a fist, sticking out your thumb and pinkie, and then holding the hand to your ear as if you were holding a telephone.

And now, a wristband will make it possible to make and receive actual calls with that gesture! When you get a call, just raise your hand to answer.

This wristband is called Sgnl, and successfully funded a Kickstarter Campaign in 2016, and was present at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

“The technology is a body conduction unit. There’s an actuator built into the strap that translates a voice signal into a vibration. When the BCU module is in contact with your wrist, the vibration goes all the way up your fingertip. If you touch your ear it then vibrates the air in your ear canal, which lets you hear sound.”

-Hahn Ryu, director of business development

Now this gadget might not seem totally unnneccessary, since you need to have your phone in your pocket anyway and you could just take it out and make a regular call.

But making a call with your fingers only is way more exciting and cool, right ?!

When you make calls in a quiet place, you may worry that other people hear your conversation. So, we developed the technology that can transmit sound through our body. When you touch the ear with your fingertip, you can hear some sounds but other people cannot hear.


Comments on: "This Device Can Turn Your Finger into a Phone" (3)

  1. Another…”gadget???” WTF?


  2. iShadWalker said:

    Great article, it is however sad to note that this was just another scam, as they have since deleted their campaign account and left backers confused. Maybe you should do a story on that

    Liked by 1 person

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