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This will be my Very last Post regarding Our SUN and various UFO anamolies taking place in and around the SUN, i am more shocked!! Why?   This is not how our SUN behaves or looks like, but more of a Cartoon-Pic /CGI Depicted by NASA and it’s stooges , Our Real SUN never burns like the one above !! People believe SHIT Since Nasa-Says-it-Does? the color-texture is all-together different…We only get lies from the liars who think they run the world, One Lie Leading to Another, But i had my Real EYES to see their LIES (‘real eyes realize real lies’)… Seriously Am shocked beyond My-Core.. Flat Earth is still giving me chills and  Then came the Atomic Hoax Shock giving me thrills, well if that was not enough then the Land Patent Scam from one my Visitor Mr. Bobby is giving me sleepless nights and frills. Now all the Object seen near the SUN seems fake too. I am Waiting for a Global-Reset, but it seems my Own consciousness is on a Reset-mode now.

~ Galactic Human ~

NASA’s Satellite SDO AIA171 imagery captured on May 25, 2017, shows a huge cloaked circular object tethered to the sun. A flow of plasma can be seen erupting from sun’s surface surrounding the dark object.

NASA’s scientists suggest the dark sphere is a rare solar activity called ‘prominence’ a feature containing cooler, denser plasma than the surrounding 2 million degrees Celsius corona.

However, according to UFOvni2012 who recorded the event, the dark sphere is another proof that alien spacecraft refueling by sucking up solar plasma.

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  1. Hey G.H.!

    I’m right there with ‘ya on the LIES of NASA! I “used too” believe their pics of the Sun and “space” but, since the revelation of living on a Flat Earth…no more! NOTHING but, NOTHING from NASA is True! Heck, NOTHING from “our” governments, scientists, and Institutes of Higher Learning (collectively, “The Pharisees Of Yesterday”), is…TRUE! “Most” if not “ALL” of what they spew out is…FALSE!!! Every day, “some” institution is falsely claiming that they have reached “new heights” into…”space!” When in-fact, it is IMPOSSIBLE for any rocket to exceed the limit of the atmosphere! The absolute HIGHEST any rocket can attain is about the same height as that of a “high-altitude balloon”…PERIOD! As a matter-of-fact, I seriously doubt that any rocket can go as high as a balloon! Therefore, the “limit” of traveling upward is about 100,000+/- feet…!!!

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