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A friend sent me these photos taken in Phoenix, Arizona on July 29, 2016 while driving on the freeway. He was initially taking pictures of the storm clouds but did not see the object in question until later when looking at the photos at home.

I am sharing because I believe these photos are real and show an unusual object that looks like a circle of lights floating between the clouds.

In the first picture the UFO is clearly visible while in the second picture the UFO is partially covered by clouds. I don’t think it is a reflection of a highway light. Mufon case 84107.

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Comments on: "Strange Circle of Lights emerges from Storm Clouds over Phoenix, Arizona…👽👽👽…" (2)

  1. NOW this is totally believable! Obviously, whatever craft this is was “cloaked” to some extent…no? With the original photo, it “may be” possible to filter the photo through infrared, ultraviolet, etc., to discern whether or not the craft Will expose itself. Also, by doing so, you can eliminate the possibility of it just being a “spot” on the windshield if this was taken from inside the car.

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