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Well you guessed it Right!!  its Hemp ( Cannabis / marijuana ) i subscribed to this site and now they have released Part 1 of the Amazing Documentary this is the first  among all the remaining 6 episodes which will be aired soon from June 8 until 13th June 2017.. WoW people are awakening to this healing plant,  i want to spread this information far and wide… The fav plant of Lord-SHIVA is here….

This Plant has the power to Wipe-Out the Entire Corrupt Medical-Industry

As a Conspiracy-Tin-foil-hat am proud that i have been posting health benefits of Hemp since 2012 inspite of being ridiculed and i was so-very-right


Pls Check the Shocking Vdo were-in almost all Top Doctors and Medical Health professionals are in awed with this God-given-Plant. And how Many life’s this plant has saved since people started using it

:::::Pls Check the Site:::::



~ Galactic Human ~

We no longer have to be scared of the staggering statistics and real-life stories of people suffering from debilitating, life-threatening diseases. There IS a way for you and your loved ones to naturally prevent, treat and in many cases beat these conditions with a particular “sacred plant.”

That’s why we put together this 7-episode series featuring 29 of the best health experts in the world and 18 survivors to share their wisdom and success stories with us.

It starts Wednesday, June 7th at 9pm Eastern. Since each episode is only available for 24 hours, it’s imperative that you receive our emails. Please click here and follow these instructions to ensure you get them.

By the way, you may have noticed that I came off emotionless on the thank you page video. I was nervous. This is my first time on video in this format. I’m willing to stretch way beyond my comfort zone and do whatever it takes to get this information to you and to the millions of people who desperately want and need it :-).

Why don’t they just come out and tell me what The Sacred Plant is?

There are a few good reasons for this. First, there are so many misperceptions and so much misinformation about the sacred plant that I don’t want you or anyone else to miss out because of the lies you were told by the powers that be, that want to keep you (and everyone else) sick and weak. 

Secondly, we can’t share this information on Facebook, Google or any other social platforms mentioning the sacred plant because of all the propaganda. It’s sad and eye-opening that even our social media platforms are heavily controlled and censored. 

You might also wonder why I don’t use my full name to sign these emails… 

It’s because I’ve done a lot of advocacy work over the last 6+ years since my father-in-law, Stan beat stage 4 cancer by using the sacred plant after being sent to hospice with 2 weeks to live.

I promise you, all of this “secrecy” is protect and support you, not to trick you in any way. I’m one of the “good guys” that wants to spread the awareness and knowledge far and wide that will change and possibly save your life and the lives of millions of people. 

VDO’s Removed Due to Request

My full name and what the sacred plant is will be revealed on episode 1 which airs on Wednesday, June 7th at 9pm Eastern. And as you know, it’s free for you and everyone. 

Please help me, help more people…

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VDO’s Removed Due to Request



Comments on: "The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed Awesome Must See Documentary༺♥༻.★★★★★..༺♥༻" (19)

  1. “YES!” This is a “miracle” plant, once the THC has been removed. Hemp, is great for curing most anything that is harmful to the human body WITHOUT the…THC! Otherwise, it is BAD for the human body as it “dumbs-down” the bodily functions. It gives the user a false sense of serenity when in fact the body is still fighting off a disease. In doing so, the body Will stop fighting the disease the Hemp is being used for.


    • Dana V. said:

      bobby90247 ~ You are sadly misinformed as THC plays a huge role as well as CBD. It’s called the entourage effect—when more than one component brings you the result your seeking. Please don’t spread misinformation. This is very important to get right. Please do your research. If you get the opportunity to watch The Sacred Plant docu-series, please do. This will enlighten you and clear up your confusion.


      • Sorry Dana, no confusion on my part. Always question the research and you Will discover what is really true. NO ONE needs to get “high” to get well…PERIOD!!!


  2. I am sure that you have great intentions to get this out to the world for free as do we.

    However, what you are doing is against the law. These videos are copyrighted and you can NOT download and repost them on your own webpage.

    Please take this down and anything else that you’ve posted of ours.

    Thank you so much for wanting to share this powerful information with as many people as possible and for honoring our request.


  3. Susan mccoy said:

    I am trying to get a phone # or a website so I can talk or write to the person that can get me info. So I can get some help it’s not for me but my sister she has stage 4 cancer… CUP AND WAS GIVEN 3 months to live its a long story and can’t write it down on here but she has had proton treatment . she is a mother of a son that still in high school and she takes care of her son all by herself it cost to much for the the treatment and she use to be in or worked for clinical tryals . Need to talk to someone please very important please contact me. My email is
    .. Susan.Mccoy49@yahoo.com


    • Hello Susan McCoy!

      An acquaintance of mine had to have surgery for a lump in his throat a couple of years ago. In June he had scheduled the operation for September. He also started taking a “cure” from NDI One, Inc., in June. By September, the lump was gone and he was in full remission!


      Forrest – sales 213 – 458 – 6993

      On the back of their card it says the following:

      If you have cancer, then a higher power has given you NEW HOPE.


      I know for a fact that their product DOES…WORK!

      Take Care and God Bless!
      Bob Wise

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      • Grt Work bobby

        Susan i have mailed u the details regarding the small chat i had with Andrew from Asheville NC.USA and then informed them regarding ur case, his no as well as Mr. Randell no and Jess myers no have been sent to your for follow-up , they are more willing to help you and wanted you to call them yest afternoon, anyway i have informed them that you would call, pls go thru the email, Their Timing is from 8am until 5pm

        They are in to all Hemp stuff you looking for and will guide you

        Good luck


      • LaDonna said:

        I am interested in hemp for my stage III breast cancer. I would appreciate any information you can share.


      • hi LaDonna pls let me know ur exact location and email likewise i will send details if possible


  4. Unfortunately My son-was diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma in 2015.
    We had completed treatment of my son with VAC Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy till April 2016.
    My son was in remission from April 2016 but the cancer is reoccurred in December 2016 in same site.
    Surgery done on Jan 2017 to remove the gross total tumor.
    We were on Salvage chemotherapy post surgery.
    Repeat MRI in March 2017 and June 2017 shows again big lesion
    We got another surgery done on 3rd June 2017 but still now there is a residual disease. The tumor is very aggressive after relapse.

    Can you please help us in guiding where I can get the best product for Cannabis Oil. Also how much percentage of CBD and THC will be suitable in our case and what will be dosage required for 7 Year old boy.


  5. TSP Admin said:

    I am sure that you have great intentions to get this out to the world for free as do we.

    However, what you are doing is against the law. These videos are copyrighted and you can NOT download and repost them on your own channel.

    Please take down anything that you’ve posted of ours.

    Thank you so much for wanting to share this powerful information with as many people as possible and for honoring our request.


    • I still dont get it

      Are u Deaf or Blind

      Cant u read ENGLISH

      VDO’s Removed Due to Request

      I have allready delted ur VDO’s


      • I apologize for not being clearer. With our logo and title to the series on your page it insinuates what the identity of the sacred plant is which reduces the number of people we can reach and/or help through the information in the docuseries. The reason for this is because many people have been misinformed and/or have a negative opinion of the sacred plant and likely wouldn’t watch the docuseries if they knew what the plant was before watching the series. Many, many viewers have stated that the series changed/opened their minds but wouldn’t have watched if they’d known what it was about.

        Respectfully, TSP Admin


  6. Please remove our logo and information regarding our docuseries from your site. There are people who won’t watch the series if they know what the plant is because they have been misinformed and/or have a negative opinion of the sacred plant. This would be a great disservice to them especially if they, or someone they know, may benefit from the vital information presented in the series Thank you.


  7. Sandy Matuschak said:

    Thanks for posting, I’ve known about some of this for awhile but unfortunately cannabis (even CBD only) isn’t legally available in MO except for certain cases/illnesses and requires a Rx plus a TON of paperwork. Person could be dead by then but of course it’s not a miracle drug and doesn’t cure everyone just like other treatments. But still, it should be an option and has many benefits other than a ‘cure’ for cancer..CBD is a potent antioxidant and helps with many things but I don’t think will kill extreme pain so that’s where the THC comes in when necessary. But like any pain killer should be used with caution, common sense!


  8. Anthony P Jester said:

    I am a researcher by vocation and avocation. I work primarily in the arena of generic vs. brand meds in this age of sloppy regulation and the increasing leniency given to foreign manufacturers that heretofore were never allowed by the FDA until pressure from Big Pharma, which now exceeds big oil in the overall affect on 1. GDP and socioeconomic disparity…( foreign produced controlled drugs, including Class II, may be + or – 20% of the “brand” being formulated in generic), the increased use of precursor substances that, in theory, when ingested set a chemical reaction in motion, thereby using your body as the “lab” to assimilate these components into the desired molecule. This is done primarily to avoid patent infringement, but more often to drive production costs down.

    Also, a subjective comparison of outcome of treatment modalities employed with various disease processes and conditions using conventional drug therapy vs. alternative therapies, with an emphasis on CBD and THC where applicable. Further research has revealed that even at the level of Medical Education in virtually all Schools of Medicine, public and private, there has been a rapid evolution and restructuring of the modalities of treatment taught, with a far, far greater emphasis and reliance on the use of “patented molecules’, i.e. DRUGS, and a heavily weighted shift toward lab numbers and test results ranges as the indicator determining treatment modality, and as the measure of treatment success vs. observable positive patient outcome, and the quality of life achieved, from the patient’s perspective, which for generations was the benchmark for the measure of success. The human organism is far too complex to approach with a one size fits all “designer molecule” whose primary reason for existence is one for capital gain, almost always at staggering profits to the manufacturers and distributors.

    I apologize for the length of this post, but I do exhaustive research, and my conclusions and
    supporting evidence for a project such as this may run 200 or more pages, in narrative format when published. But for me, and admittedly I have been an advocate for the use and research in Cannabis for almost 30 years, the biggest surprise was my discovery of validated and verified, published test results done as far back as late 30’s, early 40’s of the 20th century. The specific finding I refer to is the exposure of a huge array of types of cancer cells to CBD, THC, whole cannabis plant extracts, and various combinations of the more than 100 different NATURAL chemical substances found in cannabis. What was discovered is that virtually all types of cancer cells, when exposed to cannabis components CBD or THC, or varying combinations of both, apoptosis, or basically the destruction of the cancer cell was achieved. Apoptosis was induced by cannabis constituent stimulus as or more successfully as irradiation or toxic drugs. The cells disintegrate into membrane-bound particles that are then eliminated by phagocytosis, also known as programmed cell death. And regardless of claims made by the Big Pharma, there is no chemotherapy drug on the market that destroys those nasty invading cancer cells, but treats normal cells with tender loving care. THESE DRUGS ARE TOXIC, and affect ALL cells. Again, I apologize for the length of this post, but a summation follows.

    There are more cannabis receptor cells in our bodies than any other receptors that we have. THC is produced by the mammary glands, and is present in colostrum as well. This tell us that there is a NEED for this substance, a true physiological need. The generally postulated explanation for this is that cannabis, highly nutritious in oils, protein, good sugars and many minor elements necessary for our life and health likely was used by early humans as a NEAR TOTAL source of nutrition, and due to the almost infinite number of combinations of the constituent compounds and elements found in cannabis also served a medicinal purpose. Not only in the control and regulation of certain disease processes, but acting equally well as a wellness enhancer.

    ENOUGH SAID. The use of this incredible plant holds such great hope for our health and well being that it poses a REAL threat to the powers that be, who fear having to scale back their lavish lifestyles and ego stroking shenanigans. To monopolize the market, enrich themselves and their backers, and eliminate competition there will be a tremendous blowback from the Pharma Industry. The almost certain outcome will be the synthesis of a few key components of cannabis, particularly CBD and THC, not because synthetic is better, but because you cannot patent a living, naturally occuring plant, and the goal of today’s Pharma giants has far, far less to do with a desire to alleviate suffering and improve mankind’s health, both physiologically and psychologically, but has far more to do with “How can we maximize the bottom line”, while the real expense is being borne by millions who suffer needlessly due to others political dogma, greed and lack of any modicum of compassion or empathy.

    Good Luck to all. It works. The only dog I have in this fight is the commitment to “First, do no harm”, and to help bring to the forefront to as many people as possible the fact that we have a solution to a wide range of mans ills.

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  9. Great, to see the true medical effects of Hemp (Cannabis) becoming widely known


  10. Debbie quick said:

    Can someone please contact me ASAP. My brother has iv glioblastoma. Our family needs help. Email is debbie.quick65@yahoo.com.


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