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Here we go ..4th part of this  documentary was released with another proven facts about cancer being cured full time, i would also prefer my readers to go thru my earlier post regarding Rick Simpson the pioneer for CBD oil who cured more than 5000 Cancer Patients

Rick Simpson Has Cured Over 5000 Cancer Patients with This Recipe

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~ Galactic Human ~

This episode examined the strange-but-exciting relationship between The Sacred Plant and cancer.

You may also be surprised to learn how cannabinoids affect cancer cells, and how patients with advanced cancer are using The Sacred Plant to fight back (and win).

Here are just a few of the things we’ll cover in tonight’s show:

  • The strange-but-exciting relationship between The Sacred Plant and cancer
  • Jill’s story about getting diagnosed with neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer (the same kind Steve Jobs had)​​​
  • How cannabinoids affect cancer cells
  • The next chapter in Patricia’s fight against terminal lung cancer
  • And a whole lot more (especially stories from cancer patients)

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Comments on: "The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed Episode 4 ~ “Treating Cancer”" (10)

  1. I am sure that you have great intentions to get this out to the world for free as do we.

    However, what you are doing is against the law. These videos are copyrighted and you can NOT download and repost them on your own webpage.

    Please take this down and anything else that you’ve posted of ours.

    Thank you so much for wanting to share this powerful information with as many people as possible and for honoring our request.


  2. Hey my friend, fantastic revelation ………. Thanks!

    Now, please update your ‘Security Certificate’ so I and others can keep listening to you, and your great articles, thanks my friend, we need posts such as yours to keep us all informed.


  3. Alright! …………… Thanks, for fixing that so fast. (appreciate that.)

    You know, if I didn’t tell you, who the hell would?…………… Thanks again.


  4. Naw! ………. It’s back, didn’t fix it yet! ………………. Crap!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Please remove our logo and information regarding our docuseries from your site. There are people who won’t watch the series if they know what the plant is because they have been misinformed and/or have a negative opinion of the sacred plant. This would be a great disservice to them especially if they, or someone they know, may benefit from the vital information presented in the series Thank you.


  6. Linda West said:

    I missed this episode, while taking care of my sister suffering from pancreatic cancer. I can not afford to order the tapes as I only live on Social Security at the amount of $887.00 a month and I cannot afford to order them. Please run this series again soon, while I try to save the money to purchase it in the future.


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