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This is so weird and spooky… is this Bad Science or rather Failed Science!!… i can’t even react.. what to say? Seems a scam to me though, if it’s real then God only knows what this scientific community are up-to-now!! More like Zombies!! instead of help-heal so many diseases this world is suffering with.. they leap into something all together unknown and different… Just like NASA don’t know what the Earth look’s like and are deeply fu****g in Fake-Mars

~ Galactic Human ~

Researchers from Bioquark, a company based in Philadelphia believe stem cells may be a way to revive the dead. BACK FROM THE DEAD Scientists set to trial new stem cell therapy to ‘reawaken’ the brain AFTER death

ATTEMPTS to “bring people back from the dead” could start in a few months, it’s been reported.

A US company has revealed it will start new stem cell therapy trials in an unidentified country in Latin America later this year.

In the majority of countries, to be officially declared dead requires an complete and irreversible loss of brain function.

But Bioquark says it has developed a series of injections that can “reboot” the brain and bring people back to life, according to MailOnline.

CEO Ira Pastor revealed the firm will begin testing its method on humans and have no plans to try it out on animals first.

Pastor and orthopaedic surgeon Himanshu Bansal initially hoped to carry out tests in India last year.

But the Indian Council of Medical Research pulled the plug on their plans and asked them to to take the trials elsewhere.

In details published on a clinical trials database, scientists plan to examine individuals aged between 15 and 65 who have been declared brain dead from a traumatic brain injury.

They intend to use MRI scans to look for possible signs of brain death reversal before carrying out the trial, which will happen in three stages.

The first step involves harvesting stem cells from the patient’s own blood before injecting them back into their body.

Then the patient would be given a dose of peptides injected into their spinal cord

Scientists will monitor patients using MRI scan to check for brain activity as part of the trial

Lastly they would undergo a 15-day course of laser and median nerve stimulation while monitoring the patient with MRI scans.

Consent is likely to be an issue for the researchers as technically all of the patients will be brain dead.

However the study detail states that it can accept “written informed consent from the legally acceptable representative of the patient”.

The Bioquark trials are part of a broader project called ReAnima, of which Pastor is on the advisory board.

The project explores the “potential of cutting edge biomedical technology for human neuro-regeneration and neuro-reanimation”.

Speaking to MailOnline last year, Pastor said: “The mission of the ReAnima Project is to focus on clinical research in the state of brain death, or irreversible coma, in subjects who have recently met the Uniform Determination of Death Act criteria, but who are still on cardio-pulmonary or trophic support – a classification in many countries around the world known as a ‘living cadaver’.”


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  1. Brian in Chicago said:

    But would the same soul (ie Being) incarnate back into said body should it be revive? It could open a possible avenue for malevolent beings to take physical form. I get the technological angle on it, though.


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